Contemporary Dance for Beginners

with changing teachers

Wednesdays, 17:00–18:15
Beginners – absolute beginners welcome!

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A Contemporary Dance Class for absolute beginners. Get to know the basics of Contemporary Dance, dive into different styles and techniques. Teachers will change every 4-8 weeks. For the beginning or returning to Contemporary Dance we recommend to participate regularly over at least 10 weeks or all teaching dates of one teacher.


10.04. – 05.06.24 Heidi Weiss
12.06. – 10.07.24 Breeanne Saxton

Class description Heidi Weiss

MINDFUL FLOW- Modern basics into contemporary

This absolute beginner block is in contemporary technique with strong modern roots lead by Heidi Weiss.
The weissmann technique ( ) is a clear structured class that warms the body from the inside to out.
Through a series of learned exercises, we will target specific parts of body, bringing awarness and clarity to our base through a healthy alignment.
We will discover our weight through the play with gravity- exploring a wide range of movement qualities and learning some basic principles of modern dance.
The training will include mobilization, coordination and strengthening elements that connect the body with breath and focuses the mind in order to experience a mindful flow.
Exercises will repeat each week, to build a strong foundation and enable the dancers to enjoy the connections with their body, with space and with the joyful music!

Class description Breeanne Saxton

This class will start with soft and playful inquiry into efficient use of the skeletal and muscular structure in relationship to the floor. Throughout the hour and fifteen minutes we will investigate movement pathways that have floorwork and release based contemporary dance lineages. We will discover new strength and endurance through letting go and allowing the floor and the space to support us. The class will build on itself growing up and out into a sustainable sweaty joyous crescendo where we are available enough to try new expansive movement modalities alone, in duets, and ensemble work that emerge from our investigation into dynamic and nuanced dance pathways.

Class description Silvia Remigio

This class is conceived as an exploration of our bodies through spiral dynamics and the approach to the floor.
 After a guided warm-up, we will dive into exercises and games on and off the floor to enhance rhythm, spatial awareness, fluidity, strength and mobility. Set material will be given to work on memory and to refine movements through repetition and musicality.

Class description Amanda Donato

This series of 7 classes is building a well-rounded understanding of contemporary dance choreography. Dialogue between teacher and student will be at the forefront – making for an open, communicative and engaging experience. Classes will always begin with a warm up intended to refine alignment, flexibility, strength and breath. Exercises will introduce foundational classical positions and movements for safe weight transferring. Some task-based improvisation will be used to connect to personal expression and expand movement range. All classes will culminate toward a piece of rhythmic choreography that is both challenging and enjoyable.

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