Heidi Weiss

Yoga for Dancers

Mondays, 10:30–11:45

Contemporary for Beginners

03.04.24 – 22.05.24, Wednesdays, 17:00–18:15

Contemporary Dance

Tuesdays, 19:45–21:15

Contemporary for Dancers

20.05.2024, 12:00–13:30
09. – 13.09.2024, 12:00–13:30

Professional  Dancers

The Group Motion Workshop

22.06.2024, 18:00–20:15

together with Jennifer Mann


Heidi Weiss received her BFA in modern dance from the University of the Arts in 1992. She choreographed and performed with
Group Motion, a Philadelphia based Company, from 1992-96. In 1997, she moved to Germany, and together with Jennifer Mann, founded the Zen in the Basement Company (now Weiss/Mann Productions). Their numerous works have been presented in theatres and festivals in the EU and abroad. Heidi has been teaching various modern techniques for many years. Together with Jennifer Mann, she developed the weiss-mann technique*, which she continues to teach in workshops and at universities.
Heidi was a Professor at Palucca Schule Dresden from 2004-07. She has been a guest artist in residence at Virginia
Commonwealth University (USA). In addition, she has been a guest at Duncan Conservatory in Prague, London Contemporary
(the place) in London, SEAD in Salzburg and at Danceworx in New Delhi, India. She was a guest foreign professor at the
National University of Arts in Seoul, Korea, and a guest professor for one semester at Folkwang University in Essen, Germany.
Heidi is a faculty member for the Paris abroad program through the University South Florida. She has also given training to many companies such as Sasha Waltz, Dv8 and Rambert. In Berlin, she teaches regular training for the company cie. Toula Limnaios. Heidi taught improvisation in elementary schools for over 10 years through TANZZEIT. She was a long-time faculty member at Tanzakademie Balance 1. Currently, she is a visiting teacher/choreographer at Danceworks Berlin and at Iwanson International School of Contemporary Dance in Munich. On a regular basis, Heidi teaches professional contemporary training at Marameo studio in Berlin, NRW in Düsseldorf and K3 in Hamburg. In 2015, she assisted rehearsals for the circus show Crossroads at Chamäleon theatre. In 2019 she worked as rehearsal director for Le grand Continental, a community dance project for 120 dancers, showcased in the Potsdamer Tanztage. Heidi co-leads the Group Motion workshop, an ongoing community improvisation event with live music. She recently received a DISTANZ solo grant with which she begins to codify the weiss-mann technique.

Heidi recently completed her 200 hr. Vinyasa Yoga training at Yoga Sky. She is also a certified Yin teacher and meditation teacher.

Class description

Heidi Weiss teaches a structured contemporary technique class (*weissmann) which has strong roots in modern dance. The class combines strengthening elements with release based exercises that emphasise breath and flow. The training begins with a focus on the center through basic yoga poses and continues with moving technical exercises (plies, foot work, floor work, curves /swings) which allow the body to open, creating length and volume. Directional changes, use of weight, fusion of fluidity and groundedness are all key elements, as well as rhythm and musicality. The class progresses from center to across the floor, followed by a longer combination and/ or jumps. The concepts explored in the warm up are called upon again, challenging dancers to test their edge in the end phase of class. Aside from developing an understanding of the weissmann style and building upon ones technical skills, the main goal of the class is to discover the intention behind the movement. In addition, dancers are encouraged to move with authenticity, curiousity and passion!