Silvia Remigio

Contemporary for Dancers

09.05.2023, 14:00–15:30

Training for Dancers


Silvia Remigio was born in 1991, she started her dance career with ballroom dance and competed nationally and internationally for over 10 years. She won a scholarship with “Balletto di Toscana” school where she studied contemporary dance, ballet and hip hop.
There she worked with the youth dance company Antitesi choreographed by Arianna Benedetti. Since 2017 she’s been working with choreographer Nicola Galli in the productions “De Rerum Natura”, “Il mondo altrove” and “Genoma”. In Berlin she has worked for “Babylon” and “TAR” with choreographers Julia Fidel, Chris Jaeger and Enrico Paglialunga. Together with Veronica Parlagreco she danced and choreographed the pieces “Has Someone Seen Tyler Durden”and “Grenzen”. She danced in the production “Credo” by Chantal Kohlmeyer and she’s the co-founder alongside Veronica Parlagreco and Veronica Lillo of monsterA Collective.
She teaches contemporary dance classes and workshops in Italy and Berlin.

Class Description

This class is conceived as an exploration of our inner Spiral dynamics. We will warm up through a guided improvisation to reach a state where every part of our body is well connected with our breathing and extremely articulated. We will bring this Spiral flow quality to the floor and then gradually explore new ways to dive in and out of it. A central part of the class will consist in playing with twists, turns, speed changes, slow motions, stops and floor-work moves to widen our range of movement. We will then use this vocabulary to build up choreographic material both on and off the floor to end up with an improv session, giving you a chance to share, explore and dance in your own unique way.