26.–30.08.2024, 14:00–23:00

2 classes per day
14:00 – 16:00
18:00 – 20:00

Jams Every Night – 20:30 – 23:00
Opening Circles at 20:30

Whole week, including jams: 160€ for members, 200€ for non-members
Individual classes: 15€ for members, 18€ for non-members
Jams: 5€ for members, 8€ for non-members




Monday, 26.08.24
14:00 – 16:00 Ka Rustler, Touch & Tone
18:00 – 20:00 Peter Pleyer, Politics of the Circle and Leaning Dances
20:30 – 23:00 Jam

Tuesday, 27.08.24
14:00 – 16:00 Yoad Leader, Common Ground
18:00 – 20:00 Eszter Kalóz, Where am „I“ in CI?
20:30 – 23:00 Jam, Music by Conor Cunningham

Wednesday, 28.08.24
14:00 – 16:00 Mathilde Mensink, The Inner Source of Flow
18:00 – 20:00 Karthik Rajmohan, Collective Inquiry
20:00 – 20:30 UnderScore Lecture by Caterina Mocciola
20:30 – 23:00 UnderScore Jam, Music by Simon Rose

Thursday, 29.08.24
14:00 – 16:00 Katarzyna Brzezinska, Attention! Gravity! ways to play with the obvious
18:00 – 20:00 Caterina Mocciola, Opening Possibilites
20:30 – 23:00 Jam

Friday, 30.08.24
14:00 – 16:00 Jenny Döll, Basic CI principles for all levels
18:00 – 20:00 Jonas Marx, As Soft as the Body, as Sharp as the Mind
20:30 – 21:30 Performance
21:30 – 23:00 Jam, Music by Edda Hohberg

Touch & Tone – Ka Rustler

From our very beginning, our cells communicate and correspond through touch and vibration. At the start of the week, we will move through touch and tone, using the different tissues of our body. This exploration, generated from physical imagery, perception, sensation, and action, will provide an architectural and experiential foundation for movement and discovery. Perceptually, this process will enhance our awareness and responsiveness in movement. We will find a state of preparedness for action and choice-making.

Ka Rustler creates, performs and shares her research and teachings in an international circuit.Working with pioneers in the field of improvisation, theatre and dance she has been a collective member of Tanzfabrik Berlin, co-author of multi – layered productions and performs with numerous artists framing social and ecological contexts theoretically situated within feminist understandings of embodied subjectivity.

As a Body-Mind Centering® Practitioner & Teacher for over three decades, her work experience includes somatic psychotherapy, applications and methods derived from BMC® and other somatic practices and their relevance at the interface of performance-neuroscience –somatics. She is a member of Cranky Bodies a/company testing non-hierarchical and cross- generational collaboration in an international collective and continuous work practice, co-founder of the Authentic Movement Research Group Unwinding the Body and of C.A.R.E. an education program for teachers and therapists to support babies, children and adolescents in their developmental process.

Politics of the Circle and Leaning Dances – Peter Pleyer

How do we organize ourselves in circles?

The circle brings together a union, ideally everybody in the circle can be seen (and heard), on the other hand it can exclude everything outside the circle. We will meet and explore possibilities to bring awareness to inclusion/exclusion and move from there.

Taking this into dancing contact improvisation through Leaning Dances with open senses to find 100% commitment in the touch and weight without losing the sensory awareness of our 360° surroundings, including the space and the other dancer in it, to embrace the possibilities of improvising with ALL.

Peter Pleyer studied dance and choreography at the European Dance Development Center (EDDC) in the art academy in Arnhem/NL. He worked as dancer and choreographic assistant for Yoshiko Chuma (New York) and Mark Tompkins(Paris). Since 2000 he lives in Berlin with a strong interest in new methods of training dance and composition, where improvisation plays a central role. He teaches internationally, his workshop „history in practice“ that focused strongly on the „post-judson-avantgarde“ was held in the alternative dance academy in Poznan, the Polish Theatre-Institut, Warsaw, MA Choreography ArtEZ/ Arnhem, HZT-Berlin and Tanzquartier Wien. From 2007-14 he was the artistic director of Tanztage Berlin and from 2012 -14 in the programming team of Sophiensæle/Berlin. In 2014 he successfully picked up his choreographic career with the solo „Ponderosa Trilogy“ (Life-Legacy-Project Tanzhaus NRW, Impulstanz Wien), group research and choreography „visible undercurrent“ (2014/16) and „cranky bodies dance reset“ (2017). The solo „triton tanzt – twisted trident“ about the history of release technique, deconstructing masculinity and the death of his father, was performed in Berlin and Prag (2019/20 and 2024). In 2020, in a short break between two corona lockdowns, he founded, together with his partner MIchiel Keuper the Cranky Bodies a/company with the aim of developing a practice of improvised group performances that bridge the dance vs. fine arts divide. In 2022 they realized the traveling project „terrestrial transit“. He was a guest professor at HZT/UdK Berlin in 2015/16. (www.crankybodies.com)

photo by Evgen Titov

Common Ground – Yoad Leader

My main goal is to enjoy dancing. It’s pleasant to arrive at unknown places in the dance. It’s research that excites me. By practicing ideas from various movement and hands-on therapy techniques, we will reveal surprising ways of moving together. We will explore this by bringing awareness to the choices we make and by discovering our ability to respond in every moment. We’ll create a common ground of attention through images, physical principles, and improvisation guidelines. This workshop is suitable for everybody.

My dancing journey began at the Israeli Contact Festival in 2013. With no prior experience in dance, I jumped into that Jam and discovered I love to dance. Since then, The freedom I find in Contact Improvisation allows me to rediscover it again and again. I am a dancer, artist, therapist and vegan chef. I hold a bachelor’s degree in movement from the Jerusalem Academy of Dance (JAMD) and the University of the Arts in Berlin (HZT). I also love to sing and I have a dream of building my home from wood and mud.

Where am ‚I‘ in ‚CI‘? – Eszter Kalóz

“Movement is not something we do nearly so much as what we are, and harbinger to what we can become.” — Sonja Fraleigh

Eszter Kalóz is a Holistic Dance-Movement pedagogue and Yoga teacher based in Berlin. She’s absolutely fascinated by the wisdom of the body and the wealth of knowledge and experiences we can find through connecting to it, which is why she is dedicated to creating spaces where she can guide people to meet themselves on a deeper level. Her interest lies at exploring movement within the interplay of expressive art, therapy/personal development and awareness practice.

She has studied Authentic Movement & Somatic Bodywork extensively with Sabine Parzer at the Holistic Dance Institute, Contact Improvisation mainly with Andrew Wass, Body-Mind Centering with Ka Rustler and Nina Wehnert, as well as many contemporary improvisational & movement research methods from various wonderful teachers. Whether yoga or dance/movement, what she offers is influenced by ongoing research into her own body-mind-spirit and therefore has a constantly evolving form, with an open-hearted, playful and sensitive attitude towards teaching and holding space.

The Inner Source of Flow – Mathilde Mensink

This class focuses on coming into the sensing body and creating a ground from which we are able to connect through touch, weight sharing and playfulness. I will bring elements from my experience with somatic practices, contemporary dance, and martial arts. We will work on grounding ourselves in a sense of safety and feeling held, so that we can open our senses and focus on the relationship between the inner and outer, the center and the periphery, poetically and anatomically.. It is my hope that by connecting deeply inwards we will expand our capacity to connect deeply outwards. Our main anatomical focus point in this research will be the spine, which Steve Paxton called „the dark side of the body“ – the other side, or the inside.

The class is open to all levels, beginners are welcome – though it is not specifically a beginners class.

Mathilde Mensink is a dance artist, singer and CI practitioner. She studied Contemporary Dance at Iceland Academy of the Arts and Tanzfabrik, Berlin and is now based in Berlin. In her artistic practice, she works with various mediums, but always anchored in the body. She is interested in the intersection between art, sound, somatics and healing as communal and individual practice. She has practiced CI for 10 years and has studied the practice with Dorte Bjerre, Juli Gabor, Matan Levkovich, Noam Carmeli, Ivona Olszowska, Nita Little, Vega Luukonen, Hugh Stanier and others. Her practice is rooted in a somatic approach to movement. She dances with soft sensitivity and playful wildness.

Collective Inquiry – Karthik Rajmohan

A collaborative and playful inquiry into critical questions of the body. How can we tune ourselves to be spatially agile and ready to flow in and out of contact? Embodying listening, somatic communication and engaging our range of attention from spatial to skin levels. Expand our perception to include all bodies in space as part of our dance. Understanding how every moment is relational and how collective agreement can empower our sense of interconnectedness. We allow our bodies to fall beyond conscious choice so that we can readily support our co-creative dances that emerge from simply being present.

Karthik Rajmohan is a dancer, musician and yoga practitioner based in Berlin, Germany. He holds a diploma from Attakkalari-Centre for movement arts (Bangalore, India) where he studied various styles of contemporary dance, Kalaripayattu, Bharatanatyam, ballet, body conditioning, art history and anatomy. During dance school he was introduced to Contact Improvisation and Instant Composition, which soon became his main focus and defined the next years. He has worked with several dance companies, arts collectives and social organisations in India and Europe, while developing a teaching practice.

Attention! Gravity! ways to play with the obvious – Katarzyna Brzezinska

During the workshop, we will focus on exploring solo, and in contact, layers and connections between our attention, play of internal physical structures, forces and tensions, as well as always “moving-living-flowing-changing” bodily and spatial relationships. Through the fundamentals of the Ilan Lev Method, we will dive into elements of release-rest and stimulating the body in playful functional explorations, as well as in rich and dynamic dialogues with gravity. As we weave our explorations into dancing, we will uncover pathways in which the play with attention, gravity and own physicality facilitates diverse processes of movement dialogues in solo, as well as in contact improvisation.

Level: Open, though a strong love for movement research is welcomed

Katarzyna Brzezinska (PL) has dedicated around 25 years to her exploration of the body, movement, dance and creativity, and she generously shares her expertise through teaching movement, contact improvisation, somatic performance research, instant composition and embodied choreography. In 2019 she became a certified Ilan Lev Method Practitioner and ILM Movement Teacher offering ILM movement courses and treatments for movement amateurs, practitioners and professionals. Her own work and artistic research includes: poetry and imagination in relationship to tangible and scientific facts of reality, physics and anatomical structures; layers of human identity; “perfect imperfection,” as well as states of presence.

photo by Patrick Beelaert

Opening Possibilities – Caterina Mocciola

My proposal is based on the integration of the Laban Bartenieff System lens with my research and study of Contact Improvisation. We will focus on studying our Core – meant as the Center of Gravity and Levity, observing the Dynamic Alignment that allows us to modulate the movement of our core and the sharing of weight. We will look at the different Body Connections to explore how these elements can Open Possibilities, for an understanding through a specific approach to movement and how this benefits our Contact Improvisation and Improvisational skills.

Caterina Mocciola (IT/AUS) an independent performer, teacher, producer, besides being a translator and interpreter. She works with Contact Improvisation, Real Time Composition and choreography. Her dance takes inspiration from Feldenkrais, BMC, ViewPoints, Release Technique, Body Weather and Kung Fu, while the foundation of what her teaching and dance practice is Nancy Stark Smith’s Underscore.

She taught regular classes at TanzFabrik, Marameo and for the Dance Intensive and co-facilitated the Underscore while in Berlin. She has co-organized ECITE in Italy and has taken her work both as a performer and teacher in Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, Europe, Ukraine, Russia, Israel and Japan, at international Festivals, Universities and teaching intensives.

Currently she is the interpreter for the first module of the Laban-Bartenieff Movement Analyst training of which she is also about to become a Certified Movement Analyst.

Basic CI principles for all levels – Jenny Döll

To hell with fancy class titles! I like putting it plain and simple: we will practice Contact Improvisation. We begin with an exploration of developmental movement patterns to support physical softening, strengthening, to train our perception and to find our embodied relation to our surroundings and gravity. We will add touch with other humans to explore what we can do when we move with shared weight and allow ourselves to be led by the other and by gravity. The class will end with open CI dances.

Jenny Döll is a dance- and movement teacher (CI, improvisation, Pilates) and performer. After her initial studies in movement-and music education (Dalcroze method) she became obsessed with dance and studied in Freiburg (TIP) and with many international teachers within the field of CI and improvisation. Currently she is training to become a teacher of Bewegungsevolution®.

photo by Bodo Philipp

As Soft as the Body, as Sharp as the Mind – Jonas Marx

In this class we will explore what I call Compositional Contact Improvisation. It is the combination of principles both from Contact and Instant Composition in order to create a space where our dances can be connected both through physical touch as well as through sensing and witnessing the overall composition(s) of all moving bodies in space. For that we will examine a couple of exercises for both body and mind, as well as for movement in solo, duo and ensemble. The class will give a frame for integrating the softness of the somatic body with the joy of the physicality of dancing, as well as with the clarity of the compositional mind.

Jonas Marx is a dancer, poet and musician. Originally trained as an architect, he came to dance and somatics first through Contact Improv. The love he developed to this form then expanded to Instant Composition. Besides these two forms he also practices Authentic Movement and Body-Mind-Centering on a regular basis. He trained – among many others – with Julyen Hamilton, Maya Carroll, Deborah Hay & Nita Little. He is both a member of Berlin‘s vivid contact scene and a regular performer in dance pieces with his colleagues from the Instant Composition realm, which are shown in theatres across Europe.