Andrew Wass

Introduction to Contact Improvisation






By experimenting with aleatoric processes, Andrew Wass formalizes the coincidental and emphasizes the conscious processes of composition that are the generative source of much of his works. Influenced heavily by his undergraduate studies of Biochemistry at U.C. San Diego, Andrew works by creating a defined, almost crystalline palette in order to generate a myriad of possibilities. His performance work has been shown in San Diego, LA, San Francisco, Marfa, Tijuana, Berlin, Seattle, Tokyo, and New York. He has been investigating Contact Improvisation for over 20 years and taught at festivals, studios, and universities in Europe, Asia, and the United States. Along with his colleagues of the Lower Left Performance Collective, he organizes March 2 Marfa, a performance lab for experienced dance makers.

Kursbeschreibung – A technical approach to Contact Improvisation

Drawing on concepts from release technique, yoga, Alexander technique, Material for the Spine, and developmental movement, this class will explore specificity to increase the potential of the solo body. Accessing weight, concepts such as momentum, duration, repetition, speed, and loft will be investigated. Choreographic forms will be used as points of departure to investigate different principles of Contact Improvisation.