with Andrzej Woźniak and Andrew Wass

4.+ 5.5.2024
15:00–19:30 on May 4th
15:00-18:45 on May 5th

Marameo Members: 96€, Early Bird 84€ (until April 20th)
Non-Members: 120€, Early Bird 105€ (until April 20th)

This workshop is intended for people who have some familiarity with CI and are looking to increase technical solo awareness and low-level dynamic weight sharing possibilities.


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Workshop Description

The aim of this workshop is to provide tools/pathways/concepts to increase specificity and potential in low verticality CI. Beginning with Steve Paxton’s Material for the Spine and developmental movement, we will look at technical pathways for the solo body. Expanding our attention outwards to partnering pathways, we will investigate how the solo body patterns enrich the duet work. Shifting gears, we will approach the solo and the duet from a somatic perspective, sourcing material from Body Mind Centering® to expand our solo awareness and challenge our habits. Using the BMC tools we will look in detail at the anatomy of the foot and then use it as our primary focus in both solo and partner dancing. Some of the basic developmental patterns might also appear in order to add another layer of understanding to our use of lower limbs.

About Andrzej Woźniak (PL)

contact improvisation teacher, somatic movement educator in Body-Mind Centering, poet and retired shiatsu practitioner.

About Andrew Wass (USA/Berlin)

Looking to dissolve the boundaries between academic research and performance, Wass juxtaposes philosophy, cognitive science, and improvised dance to discover their theoretical commonalities. By blurring compositional and somatic practices, he continually attempts to affect, influence, transform, alter, and question his dancing