Studio – marameo Berlin e.V.

About marameo

marameo was originally founded in 1992 and became the sport association marameo Berlin e.V. in 2001. Since that time, it has established itself as an institution of vital importance to the Berlin dance scene. The original concept – to offer affordable, daily training for professional dancers – has remained constant over the years. Situated in the centre of Berlin, the studio sees itself as a place of exchange for more then 100 people, who daily attend classes and who demand the highest quality from our courses.

Mornings at Marameo belong to professional dancers who can rely on continuity, as well as innovative approaches, in both the classical and modern classes which are taught by experienced teachers and international guests. ‘ShowTime’, which has become a very sought-after platform, provides professional dancers training at Marameo with the opportunity to present their work.

In the afternoons, approximately 100 children between the ages of 4 and 16 take dance courses at Marameo. As well as helping children discover a joy in movement, the classes develop their emotional and physical strength. The preparation for the annual performances gives our young dancers the opportunity to take an active part in the creative process and to develop a feeling for dance as a performing art.

Courses on our diverse evening programme are chiefly influenced by each teacher’s unique artistic perspective. There are just as inspiring courses for beginners as there are for advanced dance fanatics. Performance projects, which bring exciting dance pieces to the stage, take place on a regular basis.

Marameo Berlin e.V is a registered non-profit organisation which aims to promote contemporary dance forms to people of all ages. Children, teenagers, adults, amateurs and professional dancers can all connect with and experience the fascination of physical movement.

Technical Information

Large Studio

This former gym is approximately 23 metres long by 11 metres wide with a 16 metre long mirrored wall. There is a sprung floor, a barre and a piano as well as a stereo system (with 2 CD players, iPod connector) and four speakers.

Small Studio

The small studio has a laminate floor and is approximately 5 metres wide by 7.80 metres long. There are 10 Yoga/ Pilates mats, 7 stools for Gyrokinesis, a stereo system with CD Player, tape deck, iPod connector and two speakers.


An Boekman

Member of the management team since 1997.
Dance mediator, choreographer, and promoter of dance in all its forms.
An dialogues, initiates, and tries to keep an overview as 1st board member. She also represents Marameo in public.


Ronja Grabow

Theater and film scholar, editor, works with text, dance and movement in various forms.
Since 2017 in the management team of marameo and deals with everyting that moves marameo, supports the managing board, thinks about the program, plans and realizes workshops, the summer program and the contemporary dancer training.


Katharine Shephard
Office management / Kids & Teens

Katharine joined the Marameo team in April 2022 and is responsible for office organization, communication and as well as the
Supervision of the children and youth track. She enjoys dancing 5Rhythms by Gabriella Roth and has a bachelor's degree in German studies and is trained as a theater pedagogue.


Britta Heitkamp
Office assistant/front desk

After completing her studies in architecture, Britta's interest in interdisciplinary work grew. She completed internships and further training in dance and dance pedagogy, for example, at the Staatstheater Braunschweig, the PSP at the Limón Institute, Seneca Intensiv and the Motionlab Frankfurt.

Since 2014, Britta has been a part of Marameo's front desk team and took over the coordination of the front desk in 2017. She supports Marameo in planning and public relations and is responsible for the organization of the Classical Dance Training.


Laurence Chaperon

Laurence Chaperon is a former classical dancer. She comes from Paris, where she was trained by the dance master Raymond Franchetti. When she was 17, the former director of the Paris Opera brought her to dance. Engagements with Roland Petit and Peter Van Dick at the opera house of Theater Bonn. After 12 years of dance, she studied photography and has worked as a photographer.

At Marameo, Florence teaches Floor Barre, a whole-body training for dancers which improves the silhouette and corrects bad posture. Florence is also a board member at Marameo and is passionate about the ideas and visions for dance that the team develops together. Her motto is: Nothing is impossible!

Heidi Weiss

Marameo has been Heidi’s dance home here in Berlin for over 20 years. About five years ago, she became a regular teacher for the evening classes, in the summer intensives and performance projects. In addition, she co-leads the Group motion workshops. She’s a new member of the managing board where she is actively involved in the decision-making and growth of the studio.

Heidi contributes to Marameo her insights as a dancer, choreographer, and teacher. By providing perspective from this viewpoint, she hopes to represent the community. Her assets clearly lie in communication, networking, and creative planning. Heidi not only initiates new ideas, she also listens to the needs of the young generation. Her wish is to support young dancers with better infrastructures, so they may flourish in the field.

Andrew Wass

Dancer. Choreographer. MA degree in Solo/Dance/Authorship from Hochschulübergreifendes Zentrum für Tanz Berlin. Bachelor’s of Science in Biochemistry/Cell Biology from the University of California, San Diego. Teaches Contact Improvisation and organizes the Thursday night Jam at Marameo. Helps out where he can.