Movement Research & Improvisation

with Angelo Petracca / Layton Lachman

Tuesdays, 18:00–19:30 / Open level

23.05.2023, Caroline
30.05.2023 Layton
06.06.2023, Angelo
13.06.2023, Maciek Sado
20.06.2023, Maciek Sado
27.06.2023, Layton
04.07.2023, Angelo

Class description Angelo Petracca

“My work is based on the improvisation methods I developed during my in-depth research on movement. The class takes place in the form of physical and emotional exploration of all the possibilities of the body: starting from internal listening to small physiological sensations, I push the participants to the limits of their physical and mental boundaries, working on movement parameters such as RHYTHM, INTENSITY, VOLUME, COMPLEXITY. I invite the body to search for honesty in movement through logical/mathematical resources that lower the expectation in everything we create with dance. During the class, I help the “intelligent body” to abandon self-judgment in order to free its true dance. I create a space where you can improvise with logic and having fun with the aim of providing tools and inspirations that are useful in every movement practice. A succession of exercises, suggestions, small experiments that leads the participants on a journey in the body and with the body, tiring and liberating.”

Class description Layton Lachman

Let’s dance with bodily joy and chaos! This open level class is designed for everyone who wishes to move in new and dynamic ways. This class includes physical orientations to self, others, and space; a flowing transformation of movement proposals; and structured and open improvisations. How we travel through the class is based on my dance lineage: Open Source Forms. Open Source Forms is deeply rooted in and fluidly expanded from Skinner Releasing Technique. Through the use of non-anatomical images for moving, evocative music, gentle hands on work, and play between energetic states, the class will lead toward unruly, vibrating, multidirectional dances. The work is based in improvisation and built upon a journeying together that asks for attunement, rigor, and care towards both the self and the collective.