Yuri Shimaoka

Ballet for Dancers

20.07.–26.07.20, 10:00–11:30
25.07.–26.07.20, 11:00–15:30

Training for Dancers


Yuri was born and trained classical ballet in her hometown Nagano, Japan.
She studied arts history in Dokkyo University and trained dance in Austrian Ballet School Tokyo, through visiting The Forsythe Company and assisting Yoko Ando (The Forsythe Company) for some projects (eg: DivisualPlays /Reactor for Awareness in Motion, at YCAM InterLab).
Since the beginning of 2015 she is based in Berlin and working with choreographers, musicians, sound technicians and creative coders in different occasions from theaters, museums to the streets.

Class Description

The class aims for the dancers to listen to their inner and outer space of body by using the structure/format of ballet class.
The combinations are shaped by the ballet format with the idea of basic physics, Budo (Japanese martial arts), musicality and the relationships in between.  Recommended to ballet and contemporary dancers both.

Photo: Oliver Hohlfeld