Ronja Häring

Contemporary for Dancers 

12.02. – 16.02.2024, 12:00–13:30

Training for Dancers


Ronja Häring is a freelance contemporary dancer, teacher and choreographer based in Berlin.
 Born and raised in the south of Germany (Allgäu), she finished her professional dance studies in Berlin and Barcelona.
 She has worked as a dancer for various projects and companies such as Oper Leipzig, Tanzkompanie Golde G. (Cottbus), Oxymoron Dance Company (Potsdam), Cie.Präk (Montpellier), Alexandra Pirici and Hofesh Shechter.
 Since 2017, Ronja is collaborating regularly with Israeli choreographer Tomer Zirkilevich in different dance theater productions, solos and as assistant choreographer. Their video dance piece „Sachliche Romanze“ was screened and priced in multiple international festivals. Ronja’s choreographic works have been shown in Berlin, Cottbus, Kempten and Potsdam.

Class Description

This contemporary class is structured combining technique and big organic movements. We will work on deep pliés and gravity evolving into fluent, grounded and honest movement.
The class starts with a mix of releasing tension and strengthening the muscles to prepare our bodies for dancing. After we will go into set exercises, followed by energetic diagonals across the floor with jumps, floor work or improvisations. The class ends with a short choreography. We will explore how to release and catch again the movement, how to use global movements coming from outside into our center and out again.
We will play with rhythm and precision a long with continuous, vide shapes traveling through the space.
Spirals and suspensions will meet quick feet and beautiful lines.
Let’s get some groove into our technique! Let’s feel good in our bodies! Come hungry and EAT THE SPACE with me.