Heidi Vierthaler

The Streamflow Method

06.–08.03.24, 14:00–15:30

Open for all movers and level


Heidi Vierthaler’s career in the dance world spans more than 35 years. In addition to teaching movement research and modern dance, she works as a choreographer, movement researcher and program developer. She has worked with choreographers such as William Forsythe and shares her knowledge with some of the most renowned contemporary dance companies and educational institutions worldwide such as Tanztheater Wuppertal Pina Bausch, Royal Ballet of Flanders, Nederlands Dans Theater, Skånes Danstheater and Göteborgs Operans Danskompani. They all integrate the stream flow method developed by Vierthaler into their daily practice and workshops. In November 2022, she choreographed “Blushing Gold” for Skånes Danstheater.

Class description

The Streamflow Method: A common language for a common ground

Stemming from extensive experiences as an artist, collaborator, and creator, I’ve developed the Streamflow movement method, a progressive practice that offers a unique approach for anyone seeking to get out of their head and establish a deeper connection with their body. Streamflow is a mindful, regenerating, game-like method that moves the attention in different parts of the body and heightens the functionality and spatial awareness of the body. When given specific spatial boundaries and simple tasks, the body automatically shifts into a more naturally occurring state as a complex physical organism. Blockages are released and new channels are opened. Through the last two decades, Streamflow has been the initiator of all my ideas, choreographic projects, and collaborations; it is a method of working that enhances versatility, creativity, and vulnerability.