Giusy Quattrone

Contemporary Dance for Children

Thursdays, 16:15–17:00 (age 5–7)
Thursdays, 17:00–17:45 (age 3–4)


Giusy Quattrone was born in a small village in southern Italy, where she began her dance training at the age of 4 in the home salon, with a ballet teacher invited by her mother who had sensed her daughter’s artistic inclination. From there, lessons in classical dance and modern jazz and couple dance took her to the most prestigious schools in southern Italy. Together with her brother, she won numerous dance competitions and participated in international workshops. As a member of the modern and contemporary dance company “il Balletto di Calabria”, she performed in theatres in southern and central Italy and moved to Rome at the age of 19, from where she travelled as a dancer to perform in dance, musical and theatre performances in Italy and abroad. Along the way, she studied education at Roma Tre fort University, choreography and contemporary dance at the National Dance Academy and specialised in art therapy.

With the educational training under her belt, she taught creative dance, contemporary dance and dance therapy at various dance schools, schools and renowned dance companies, and in 2018 founded the contemporary dance company for children “Didodance Company” in Rome.

An innate inclination towards Germany eventually led Giusy to Berlin, where she carried out dance pedagogical projects at the Staatliche Ballettschule Berlin and Sasha Waltz’ kindertanz Company and created an international project for artistic-pedagogical exchange between young dancers. She also gives dance workshops in kindergartens and primary schools.

Her pedagogical approach is the integration of a technical dance education with creative and expressive aspects, which leads the young dancer to be not only a performer but also a creator of their own dance. Her choreographic creations always start from a theme that can be understood, explored and elaborated by the dancers. It can be social, psychological, anthropological, fantastic…. but always refers to the age and stage of development of the group, so that it remains not only an artistic work, but a life experience and therefore a growth experience.

Class description Contemporary Dance for Children

The course “Creative Dance” offers a voyage of discovery of the body in movement, in relation to space and to other bodies in space. The technical and coded basic elements of academic dance are combined with creative experiences: the use of stimulating materials (images, music, stories, objects) and imaginative stimuli (tasks) aim to broaden the range of expression of the individual and the group. Three fundamental aspects of artistic exploration will be explored: Improvisation, exploration and composition. It is planned to prepare a final performance.