Alvin Collantes

Gaga Dancers, Gaga People



Alvin is a certified Gaga teacher, photographer and dance artist based in Toronto, Canada and Berlin, Germany. He completed the Gaga Teacher’s Training Course in 2018 under the artistic direction of Bosmat Nossan with the generous support from the Ontario Arts Council’s Skills & Careers Development Grant for Artists of Colour and Canada Council for the Arts’ Career Development Grant. During the course, he participated in Gaga Intensives and took company classes at Batsheva Dance Company under the artistic mentorship of Ohad Naharin. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Management & Organizational Studies specializing in Finance and Administration at Western University, Canada. His work has been featured in numerous shows including International Dance Day, Toronto’s Original Choreographer’s Ball, Toronto Fringe Festival, Nuit Blanche Toronto. Alvin also produces dance events including “Short Dances”, Night Swim, The Workshop Room and Special Gaga/people & Gaga/dancers classes in Ontario. He is a guest faculty member of Western University, Centennial College, H.B Beal Secondary School and Toes for Dance. Alvin has photographed numerous dance artists, companies and events including Batsheva Dance Company (TLV), Sidra Bell Dance New York (NY) and Evelyn Hart for The Dance Current (TO).

Class Description

Gaga/dancers deepens dancers’ awareness of physical sensations, expands their palette of available movement options, enhances their ability to modulate their energy and engage their explosive power, and enriches their movement quality with a wide range of textures. The classes are built on the same principles as Gaga/people classes but also employ the specific vocabulary and skills that are part and parcel of a dancer’s knowledge. The layering of familiar skills with Gaga tasks presents dancers with fresh challenges, and throughout the class, teachers prompt the dancers to visit more unfamiliar places and ways of moving as well, unlocking the endlessness of possibilities. Dancers are guided to connect their effort to pleasure and to discover the virtue of silliness.