3-DAY-WORKSHOP with Roni Rotem

with Roni Rotem

07.08. – 09.08.2023, 14:00–17:30

Workshop fee:
Marameo members: 20% discount on all workshops (early bird & regular fee!)
Non-members: 120€, Early Bird 105€ (until July 7th 2023)

Level Dancers/ Advanced Dance Students

Application with a short CV via workshops[at]marameo.de

Workshop Description

The workshop takes its inspiration from the sounds, rhythms and traditional dances from Yemen*, Israel, and other Middle Eastern cultures. The workshop is offered to professional dancers as well as advanced dance students interested in expanding their contemporary vocabulary using the unique repertoire of the Middle East. During The first hour of the workshop, we will warm up through collective improvisation, exploring our physicality, with the focus of understanding our inner rhythm and connecting it to the unique Mediterranean sound.

We then explore the quality of movement, learning original choreography based on Yemenite and Arabic folklore movement, and deepening the relationship between movement and sound.

I aim that these movements, music and choreography will find their way to each participant’s own life:  in improvisation, creation, or even one’s morning classes.

*Yemenite dance and music have their own original rhythms and accents, originating from the Yemenite spoken language itself. Like most human cultures, Yemenite dance took place in traditional weddings and special gatherings dating back to the beginning of time.

The workshop’s research was funded by Dis-Tanzen Funding Program For Freelance Dancers Under Neustart – Kultur.

About Roni Rotem

Roni Rotem is a choreographer and a dance teacher based in Berlin and Tel Aviv. 2023 Dis-Tanzen grant holder from the cultural ministry of Germany under NEUSTART-KULTUR funds. (Dachverband Tanz Deutschland). 2019 prize winner for independent choreographers from the cultural ministry of Israel. She graduated from the Danceworkshop Gaaton, worked as a professional dancer in Jerusalem dance theater company and as a freelance dancer with Israeli and US choreographers. She completed her B.A. in dance, with a teaching certificate from The Kibbutzim College. During the past 5 years, Roni created dance works with an international cast of dancers and toured in Spain, Germany, Austria, and France including residencies and multiple performances at Suzanne Dellal Center in Israel. Her works received invitations to festivals around Europe such as AGITART, 10 SENTIDOS, TANZINTENTS, CRAFT CHOREOGRAPHY, Biennal Clandestine, PAS, Acker Stadt Palast, CCB Tanz and more…

These days she is managing her own dance group performing her works around Israel and Europe.