Improvisation Workshop with live music
led by Jennifer Mann and Heidi Weiss

22.06.2024, 18:00–20:30
01.09.2024, 15:00–20:30 Intensive Workshop (scroll down for decription)
21.09.2024, 18:00–20:30
16.11.2024, 18:00–20:30

marameo members: 15€
non-members: 20 €/ 16€ reduced (students, ALG II, Berlin Pass)

Summer Special 01.09.24 – Intensive Workshop
marameo members: 40€
non-members: 50€

Level Open

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Collective Dance Making in the Moment
A Creative Practice

The Group Motion Workshop is a two hour long, non stop guided process of dance/movement improvisation with live music. Based on structures and scores created and developed by Brigitta Herrmann and Manfred Fischbeck, the Workshop combines highly refined structures of improvisation, movement meditations, and contact dance. It is an outgrowth of their work with the Group Motion Dance Company originated in 1971. It is being conducted regularly every Friday night in Philadelphia for over fifty years and has toured to festivals, dance centers, colleges and schools in the US and other countries such as Japan, Taiwan, Argentina, Germany, France, Poland, Lithuania, Cyprus, Bermuda and Barbados.

This tradition is now being implemented and carried on by Berlin based teachers Jennifer Mann and Heidi Weiss. An ensemble of musicians supports this interactive space with live improvised acoustic and electronic music. No previous dance experience is required.

The Group Motion Workshop offers a space for interactivity and communication which is spontaneous, deep and direct, allowing for new channels of creative potential to open. It serves as a resource for creative and authentic expression through movement and sound, and can be utilized as a creative practice for all levels and all ages. The overlap of participants from different backgrounds and of different ages, adds a powerful dimension of mutual learning and exchange of movement information and encourages the integration of body, mind and spirit. These structures are practiced in ways of playing, discovering and experiencing individually and collectively.
Compositions and choreographic patterns can be spontaneously created and experienced. The Group Motion practice creates a ritual space for building community.

The workshop will be lead in English, with German translation when necessary.

***Please note that the studio entrance to Marameo is easiest found via the entrance Neue Roßstrasse 4-5! We ask you to please arrive 10–15 min. before the workshop start. When we begin the workshop, we need to lock the front door, so there is not a possibility to come in later… thank you for your understanding.

You are warmly invited to our


SEPTEMBER 1st, 2024

Deepen your experience of the Group Motion Workshop by participating in the daytime workshop. Here you will learn new games and scores not normally offered in the evening workshop. Then you have the opportunity to integrate this awareness into the evening Group Motion Workshop session. We look forward to leading this day immersed in serious play, music and connection.Special Afternoon Workshop 15:00–17:30
Evening Workshop 18:00–20:15*Do both for a special price!  (just joining for the evening is also ok)

Special Group Motion Intensive Workshop on September 1st in Marameo!
This special 2 and 1/2 hour workshop offers more time to prepare for a more profound experience of your own dance, before entering into the flow of the non-stop guided evening Group Motion Workshop.

It begins with awakening awareness of space, body and breath through a short yoga practice. Entering the now, grounding into your roots, growing and stretching, expands and stimulates focus and self trust. Concious breath and movement then segway effortlessly into a unique exploration of games and scores, not normally offered in the frame of a Group Motion Workshop. More detailed instructions and insights will be shared and there will be more time to experiment, discuss and ask questions. If you have already participated in the workshop, it is an ideal opportunity to deepen your Group Motion experience. If you are new, it is the perfect introductory workshop.

You are invited to stay for the evening Group Motion Workshop session, in which you can play and relax into the flow of the Group Motion structure, in pure presence and trust, allowing your body to speak its own truth. * Participation in both the intensive day session and the evening session is encouraged, but it is also possible to only join for the normal evening session.

This special day will be lead by Berlin based teachers and Group Motion Workshop leaders Jennifer Mann and Heidi Weiss. It is accompanied with live music by a professional musician, experienced in the exchange between music and dance through improvisational structures.