SP24: PBT INTENSIVE – Alignment, Pirouettes, Jumps

PBT INTENSIVE WORKSHOP for Dancers of All Styles
12.08.–16.08.2024, 18:00–19:30

Full week: 70€
55€ marameo members

Drop-In: 15
12€ marameo members




Do you want to enhance your alignment at the barre and in the center, perfect your pirouette technique, and achieve higher quality jumps? This workshop is perfect for you!

Join us for an intensive Progressing Ballet Technique (PBT) workshop where we will dive deep into the technical elements that elevate your dance. Through targeted exercises that promote muscle memory and body awareness, we will focus on:

–> Achieving better body alignment, starting with excellent posture and placement, progressing to the fundamental ballet positions, refining movements from a simple plié to a grand adagio.

–> Mastering turn techniques, including coordination and dynamics for all types of pirouettes used in class.

–> Elevating your jump technique, with targeted exercises to improve alignment, build strength, and enhance the quality of both small and big jumps.

Don’t miss this opportunity to unlock your full potential as a dancer! Join us for an intensive week of growth and improvement, led by Regina Arenas, official PBT Tutor in Europe and certified Level 3 instructor.

This course is for beginners with ballet experience and intermediate dancers. Advanced and professional dancers seeking to refine their technique are also welcome.