19.08.–23.08.2024, 19:45–21:15

Level: Beginner (no previous experience required)

Full week: 70€
55€ marameo members

Drop-In: 15
12€ marameo members




This absolute beginner block is in contemporary technique with strong modern roots lead by Heidi Weiss.

The weissmann technique ( www.weissmann-technique.com ) is a clear structured class that warms the body from the inside to out.Through a series of learned exercises, we will target specific parts of body, bringing awareness and clarity to our base through a healthy alignment.We will discover our weight through the play with gravity, exploring a wide range of movement qualities and learning some basic principles of modern dance.The training will help to improve flexibility, coordination and strength. The class emphasizes connecting the body with our breath, in order to experience a mindful flow.This one week intensive will help to build a strong foundation and enable the dancers to enjoy the connections with their body, with space and with the joyful music!

About Heidi Weiss

Heidi Weiss is a dancer, choreographer, and dance educator based in Berlin, Germany. She is an experienced teacher who has been dedicated to contemporary dance for over 27 years. Offering her explosive energy and passion for moving, she is well known in the Berlin scene and internationally, for her inspirational and motivational style of teaching.