with Layton Lachman & MINQ

14.08. – 18.08.2023, 18:00–19:30

Workshop fee:
Marameo members: 20% discount on all workshops (early bird & regular fee!)
Non-members: 70€ full week, drop-in 15€

Level Open

Workshop Description

You are invited to enter into an immersive workshop that explores somatic states led by Layton Lachman in relation to sonic landscapes created by MINQ. Each day will have a different theme and tone, offering a variety of ways over the week to engage with the body and dance with each other. Sonic States will be carefully guided, as well as having an improvisational and experiential focus, meaning dancers do not need to have a specific technique or level of training to participate. We will often dance together, engaging with touch and physical contact within a structure of consent. You are encouraged to join for the 5 days, but drop-ins are possible.

About Layton Lachman

Layton Lachman is a choreographer and performer based in Berlin. They create performances rooted in somatics, channeling experiential practices into immersive, sensorially complex worlds. Layton is committed to dance practice centered on group study and collective authorship — with the understanding that we are always collaborating with those who come before, after, and with us. They consider authorship within the premise of transmission, relation, alliance and ensemble. Their practice includes staged works, films, one-on-one encounters, installations and audio/performative tours. In addition to artistic practice, Layton is also a regular teacher of improvisation at marameo and an independent curator, currently working in the context of Lotto Royale NYC in Lower Manhattan Cultural Council’s River to River Festival.

About MINQ

MINQ (they/them) is a sound artist, sound designer, DJ, radio host and performer living in Berlin known for their vast, eclectic taste and ability to move audiences in the club or the theatre. They are currently working towards an MA in Sound Studies and Sonic Art at the Universität der Künste Berlin. MINQ is also exploring sound-based mindfulness practices such as Deep Listening and facilitating workshops with the aim to discover what lies at the intersection of mindfulness, movement and sound in QTBIPoc-centered spaces in their research project and workshop series Sonic Utopias | Research Lab.