SOLO! The Listening to Ourselves

“CUERPO PRESENTE: The Inner Beast”

with Alexander Carrillo

26.–30.07.21, 19:30–22:00

Open to all levels & backgrounds. Professional movers and performers.

Fee: 90€ / 75€ (Early Bird until June 21st)



I ask myself if I have a moment of silence in my daily life, if I am aware of who I am, of what I do, of my spirituality and if I take enough care of myself: eating, reading, partying, having sex, sharing… in my relationships… or if I am “ALONE” living without attention to my present moment and love. DO I WORK ALONE? HOW DOES MY BODY FEEL NOW? We will reflect on this in a personalized and performative way. Through improvisation, purely technical tools, and rigorous research, this workshop aims to support participants in processing their internal organic sensations, presenting them externally in clear choreographic forms. We start from the physical disarticulation, emotional states, integrating the present energy, with the mind full of body, and spirit using changes in time and space simultaneously. My workshops can become a party in itself, a funeral, a catharsis, a wedding, a ritual…

Guidelines and aims developed during the practical process:

  • Creative and practical elements in the research room.
  • Create awareness of the body that writes a history.
  • Focus your attention on the “natural” character of your movements, authenticity.
  • Space awareness: individual, public, collective and private.
  • Personal knowledge through the spirit and meditation: rational control, trance, presence, resonance, dialogue, and stillness.
  • Theoretical material and personal biography.
  • Individual and group discussions.

It offers a clear way to obtain knowledge and self-awareness through the body in movement. How can we find a bridge between reason and emotion? A conscious state of transformation of the interpreter. And a physically methodology is developed through concrete patterns of improvisation in altered states with different body development and into methods of meditation. It is a conscious laboratory work using improvisation as a technical tool. A very physical research depending on your own level. It ends with stage practices. The participants will illustrate their ideas, questions and contradictions. Framing it in an actual social context: facing our fears, our reality, and creating a new version of ourselves and our society.

What reflection do we do? How do we reach a physical or emotional state and transform it without losing our essence, our spirit? What tools do we use? How to recreate a clear space in another symbolically and develop the ability to play with it? Alexander has developed has research in “SOLO” through experimentation, losses, and many joys. “As a choreographer, this has given me tools, and clear guidelines that I am still discovering. That’s what I want to share with you. Being aware of the current situations of the political, social and human context in the world.”


Alexander Carrillo, choreographer, dancer, producer and director born in Colombia and based in Berlin, began his artistic research in 2002. He focuses his vision on the “ugly” and the grotesque of the human being, seeing it as a mirror of reality. He questions the ideas of “beauty” and the role of the audience in the performing arts looking for a new expression of each one as an individual. In this perspective, he has been exploring the influence of indigenous traditions and customs in western societies, from the essence of pure rituals to contemporary fashion and pop cultures. His work is developed through historical research with a contemporary point of view, delving into the humanity with personal, spiritual, social and political aspects through an interdisciplinary approach. He has created a DREIZIG Festival in 2012, multiple performances, seminar platforms and artist collaborations. He has travelled worldwide with his work, acknowledging art as a healing tool but also as a business.

Alexander having studied his diplom in Dance at the University Folkwang in Germany, did an Erasmus at ‘ArtEZ’, in Holland and at the University of Art ASAB in Colombia, (MA – emphasis in contemporary dance). Carrillo creates also open platforms for artists. In the last eight years has emerged in the knowledge of ancestral cultures and other methods of communication, social development and listening. He has been certified in MBSR (“Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction”) by the Medicine School of Massachusetts. Carrillo also develops through meditation specific methods for body development and, complemented with his artistic knowledge.

Launched the “DREIZIG Festival” in Berlin and DASEIN Series, site-specific world-project in 2012. His last pieces ‘El Ultimo Vuelo’, winner of the National competition of choreographers, Belgium 2017, ‘Human Intermittents: A Journey’ finalist of Choreographers competition, Poland 2014 and ‘WhARTever Should Happen: Eine Welt Auf dem Kopf’, Berlin 2016/17 and back in 2019, amount others dance pieces and art projects. Carrillo took part in 2018 of the price ‘flausen residence for young Artist’ Germany and at the Berlin Biennale with Okwui Okpokwasili.  Has worked with Stella Zannou, Ivo Dimchev, Jérôme Bel, Louis Malvacias, Jeremy Nelson, Malou Airaudo, Rodolpho Leoni, Mark Sieczkerek, Henrieta Horn, Charles Vodoz and the Cie. Fors Works of Denmark, Cie. Toula Limnaios of Berlin, Theater Der Klänge Germany, and Deutsche Oper am Rhein. He has also collaborated with artists, including Marina Abramović, Art Collective Estereotips, Allora & Calzadilla, Reinhard Schiele, Veronica Moniello, Alejandro Huari and Carolina Ortega.

Since 2009, Alexander being developing his teacher training and research under the Motto “CUERPO PRESENTE: THE INNER BEAST”. Creating as natural interest exchanges of dialogue with young artists, and non-artists who are developing their own life in a present Culture and intercultural projects. Alexander has taught his research in Belgium, Spain, Colombia, Venezuela, Mexico and Germany. In Berlin is artist residence at DOCK11 since 2015 and teacher of Tanzfabrik, Marameo amount other studios.

Alexander, funding by Dachverband Tanz Deutschland within the framework of the program DIS_TANZEN. Is currently is developing an educational method program about his research of the last 12 years. A project, however, he started two years in 2019 with his desire and own funding.

“I believe todays world needs art to heal, needs art to heal our bodies from our souls. Art as a tool of transformation. From our inner feeling and sensations. From our inner beast, being present. With a conscience practice. (It’s not easy – for sure is fun). Then there is no past to regret, there is no present to be disappointed of or future to be worry about. Just moments of learning. Moments of understand our own world, our inner beast, and our own life. So long, we can share and maybe understand others world life. A present to life and future to create.”


Photo Credit: Harriet Meyer