with Tanja Saban & Eitan Nir (pilegesh)

16.+17.07.22, 17:00–20:00

Open Level

Fee: 75€ / 60€ Early Bird (until June 20th)



Mapping territories, space drama and time writing.

The workshop starts with a Gaga/people class to warm up the body and continues into an exploration of our inner landscape – the various layers of the body and our imagination. We expand the creative process into refining our perception of sound and space and their relationship as we move through inner body, interpersonal space, collective space and universal space. In playfully devised choreographic situations we build our compositional sense on the understanding that in our sensory experience everything is relational, how.

Dramatic tension lives in the principles of contrast, polarity & unity and how that allows our dancing bodies to inhabit and morph into a wide scope of states and expressions. Accompanied by a DJ playing live with the dancers, the workshop culminates in a group improvisation session where we unleash the various identities each one of us encapsulates into their full expression.

Tanja Saban is a dancer, certified Gaga teacher and yoga practitioner. Born and raised in Switzerland, she graduated from SEAD training program in 2007. She is a recipient of the conveyor scholarship from the Tanzquartier in Vienna, where she started her career as a freelance dancer and teacher. She collaborates with choreographers and artists of other disciplines on projects as well as creating her own work in Austria, Spain, Switzerland, Israel and New York City. The heart of her artistic practice is an ongoing research of the moving body – a space of experience, expression and personal expansion in the unfolding of physical intelligence and the sensory body. She is the co-founder of Cococo, a platform for immersive dance experiences that oscillate between club culture, performance and embodied practices. Further she develops new formats of somatic space/sound experiences in collaboration with digital and sound artists. She started teaching dance and yoga classes in 2009, since 2018 she is offering Gaga classes and her own work for professionals, dance companies, at various venues and festivals  around Europe.