DEFINED FLOW – Diving deep into weiss-mann technique

With Jennifer Mann & Heidi Weiss

23 + 24.09.2023, 15:00–20:00

Level Advanced (Intermediate Level with technical foundation welcome!)


Members – 133€ / 120€ (Early Bird until 16.09.23)

Non-members – 165€ / 150€ (Early Bird until 16.09.23)


This weekend workshop dives deep into a well rounded dance experience that addresses all aspects of the dancing artist; physically, mentally, emotionally, creatively and spiritually. The intention is to give attention to these many facets of being while gradually blending them into a skillful, harmonious whole.

The workshop kicks off with a yoga sequence intended to ground you to the earth, your legs and your core, your base. Your focus follows this flow into a higher awareness of one self in space.

 You are prepared to shift effortlessly into technical sequences that train integral aspects of the weissmann technique. Experiment with your technical skills, balancing them with the capacity to flow and move through space freely. As the class progresses, these aspects begin to soften and fuse into one. Movements that are traditionally considered “technical” become more organic, more full of breath, life and volume. “Contemporary” movements become infused with more clarity, length and control. Dancers will be encouraged to first experience their muscular energy, and then to conciously direct it into space. 

 This flow ripens into a complete expansion of movement as you explore a longer choreography. Here you will be encouraged to integrate your sharpened technique, to trust and then let it go, to explore personal interpretations and variations. This work will be interspersed and blended with excercises and improvisational games from the Group Motion Workshop, exploring how your dance communicates with others, creating landscapes, spontaneous compositions and energetic atmospheres. Each day we will play within this new language created from a blend of material and aspects of the unexpected.

 The Sunday segment of the workshop will wind down with a Yin Yoga sequence, cooling down and treating our dancing instrument to deep stretch and regeneration. The final minutes will conclude with a meditation, acknowledging where one has gone, what one has experienced and where one wants to go….

 Jennifer and Heidi are experienced teachers who have been dedicated to contemporary dance for over 27 years. Offering their explosive energy and passion for moving, they are both well known in the Berlin scene and internationally for their inspirational and motivational style of teaching: skillful whilst creating a positive atmosphere, helping dancers to transcend their comfort zones.