with Heidi Weiss

21.08. – 25.08.2023, 18:00–19:30

Workshop fee:
Marameo members: 20% discount on all workshops (early bird & regular fee!)
Non-members: 60€ full week, drop-in 13€

Level Intermediate/ Advanced

Workshop Description

Heidi Weiss teaches a structured contemporary technique class (*weissmann) which has strong roots in modern dance. The class combines strengthening elements with release-based exercises that emphasize breath and flow. The training begins with a focus on the center through basic yoga poses and continues with moving technical exercises (plies, footwork, floor work, curves /swings) which allow the body to open, creating length and volume. Directional changes, use of weight, fusion of fluidity and groundedness are all key elements, as well as rhythm and musicality. The class progresses from center to across the floor, followed by a longer combination and/ or jumps. The concepts explored in the warm-up are called upon again, challenging dancers to test their edge in the end phase of the class. Aside from developing an understanding of the weissmann style and building upon one’s technical skills, the main goal of the class is to discover the intention behind the movement. In addition, dancers are encouraged to move with authenticity, curiosity and passion!