with Roni Rotem, Fabian Thomé & Alessandro Marzotto

05.–09.07.21, 14:00–17:30

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For the opening week July 5th–9th, we are introducing a new format that works as an incubator based on exchange, sharing and creativity.


A closed group of 12 dancers is working together with 3 choreographers/ dance makers for one week, Monday through Friday from 14:00–17:30.

Each day will start with a 60 minute warm-up class by one of the 3 choreographers with the entire group.
After that the group will split and each choreographer will work in in three different spaces with some dancers of the group in either solo, duo or group constellations.
Chance will decide every day about who is working with whom, we’re rolling the dice.
The last half an hour of the day will be a space for sharing and/ or feedback.

Aim, concept and idea of this week is to create a safe space for trying out and sharing choreographic ideas, work methods and new approaches.
Dancers have the chance to grow artistically by getting to know and experience different work styles and methods, focusing on the ability to quickly adapt to working with different choreographers.
In the centre of this lab stands be the aspect of sharing – work, flow, methods, trying out, creating, creativity, energy.

Financial contribution for Dancers: 100€ for the entire week
This workshop will be in English.

About Roni Rotem

Roni Rotem is a choreographer and a dance teacher based in Berlin and Tel Aviv.
2019 prize winner for independent choreographers from the cultural ministry of Israel.
She graduated from the Danceworkshop Gaaton, worked as a professional dancer in Jerusalem dance theater company and as a freelance dancer with Israeli and US choreographers.
She completed her B.A in dance, with a teaching certificate from The Kibbutzim College.
During the past 4 years Roni created dance works with an international cast of dancers and toured in Spain, Germany, Austria, France including residencies and multiple performances at Suzzane Dellal center in Israel.
her works received invitations to festivals around Europe Such as: AGITART, 10 SENTIDOS, TANZINTENTS, CRAFT CHOREOGRAPHY, Biennal Clandestine, PAS, Acker Stadt Palast, CCB tanz and more…
These days she is managing her own dance group performing her works around Europe.
You are welcome to attend her dance classes at Tanzfabrik, Tanzhalle, Papillon Berlin and KCDC summer intensive program in Israel.

That’s what I’m going for – Choreographic Approach

My choreographic style is inspired by my deep passion for music, drawing on a range of genres from Chet Baker to Foo Fighters to Bach. I enjoy collaborating with musicians, creating with Live music and I am not afraid to use cynicism and humor in my works. My choreograph style is very physical, and I intend on extending the dancers limits in both ability and body language.

About Fabian Thomé

Fabian Thomé is a dancer and choreographer who’s choreographic work has been acknowleded with the 2nd Prize for Solo Choreography at the XVIII edition of the Spanish and Flamenco Dance Choreography Contest held in Madrid and the Prize for Best Interpretation at the Burgos-New York International Choreography Contest 2014. His work has been invited to several festivals such as Mas Danza (Canarias Island), Talent Madrid, Festival Zinegoak (Bilbao), Tel Aviv.
Fabian graduated from the Real Conservatorio Profesional de Danza in Madrid in 2004 and continued his career as part of the best companies in the country and worked with the foremost masters of Spanish and flamenco dance such as Joaquín Cortés, Rafael Amargo and Amor Brujo among many others. Since 2013 he decided to enrich and develop his skills, mainly in contemporary, working with several choreographers as Jean Philippe Dury, Sharon Fridman or Carlos Fernandez Fuentes.
In 2011, driven by the motivation to assert his own style, Fabián decided to form his own company: Full Time Dance Company. From June 2015 until now he is working with the company Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui (Eatsman Production) as dancer and teach.

That’s what I’m going for – Choreographic Approach

We will work with methods and use artistic strategies I apply in the work with my company. We will investigate and develop interpretive facets such as voice, theatricality, body sounds and different states.

This process will serve to create a space of sensations, with connection as the main focus of the work.

About Alessandro Marzotto

Alessandro is a freelance dancer, teacher and choreographer who is in love with the act of composition. His focus is directed to the immediate experience of the people whom he is working with. Tired of the toxicity of the dance world Alessandro still hopes for creative processes in which the artist is not a tool but a medium to get somewhere relevant, somewhat elevated.

That’s what I’m going for – Choreographic Approach

The choreographic approach that Alessandro tends to work with is driven by imagination, sensation-based task and clear images. He believes in paying attention to what moves us and then refining it into what we want to present and allowing to then change completely with the freedom of the moment.
He does tend to s bring with him political, poetic and concrete themes but they never take over what’s in the space which is usually plenty.