14:40 – Arrival and check-in
15:00 – Opening circle
15:15 – Start
17:45 – End

Fee 7€ for members, 10€ for non-members

Level Open

Registration at Eversports

CDP – Contemplative Dance Practice is not a workshop, but a collective dance practice that takes place without music or instruction.

Proposed structure:

20 minutes sitting meditation

20 minutes personal warm-up

1.5 hour open dancing

10 minutes personal reflection/writing, etc.

10 minutes group reflection

Arrive on time. We will lock the doors once we start.
This is NOT a workshop. It is a practice session.
There will be no facilitation of the meditation, the personal awareness practice, and the open dancing.
There will be a gong to indicate the beginning and ending of each of the sections.

More about CDP and Barbara Dilley: