Yoga for Dancers

with Jennifer Mann

Mondays, 10:00–11:30 *
Advanced, Intermediate, Yoga practice for dancers
@Small Studio

This monday morning practice offers a place in which you can arrive in your body and mind before your work week begins. Each day I will focus on a specific group of excercises that one can eventually integrate into their own repertoire. ie: firery flow + flexibility/hip openers, cooling forward bends and meditation, releasing into backbends + deep breathing. Clear alignment principles help fine tune this process in a safe and efficient way. I will inform you about the benefits of the sequences and will give tips about the appropriate times to practice them. These tools are priceless because they can be can be accessed throughout your career to prepare, sustain and elongate a physically demanding life as an artist in motion!

*Bring water, warm socks and a pullover!
*The class will be taught in english with german support when necessary