Progressing Ballet Technique – PBT

with Regina Arenas

Saturdays, 09:15–10:30
Change in time! From Saturday, March 16th the class will start at 09:30!

PBT is an Australian method created by Master Marie Walton-Mahon together with a group of health specialists (kinesiologists and physiotherapists). Its main objective is to complement the daily training of dancers with exercises specifically designed to improve technique faster and more efficiently through muscle memory, promoting healthy training through the mind-body connection that all dancers need.

In addition, this method is highly useful to prevent injuries and recover from them, keeping the body in its best possible state. The program has 5 levels: Sub-Junior, Junior, Senior, Advanced and Adult, allowing students or groups to tailor classes to their needs and goals, and working in a progressive manner.

In the present day, PBT is incorporated into the training of dancers and companies around the world to prepare them for the professional world, auditions and performances, and to maintain a healthy state during their careers. It is also aimed at non-dancers and those who want to live a healthy lifestyle. Our motto: “Body is forever”.

With the help of different materials such as balls and elastic bands, we focus on each of the topics of dance, such as Core, Posture, Turnout, Alignment, Weight placement, Port de bras, Upper body, Adage, Feet and Allegro, Safe Stretching, Correcting Faults, Flexibility and Pointe Shoes.

The dancer’s body in today’s world needs preparation and care beyond ballet classes. The knowledge of Dance Medicine coupled with the tradition of classical teaching needs to be brought into the dance classroom. Strength, flexibility and stability are fundamental factors for the development of a good dancer and PBT presents itself as an important support in this process, uniting science, health and art.