Modern Dance Technique, Improvisation and Choreography

with Esther Nicklas

Mondays, 17:30 – 18:30 (age 14–18)

Trial class: 8€
Contract: 34€ per Month, 28€ reduced (ALG2, Berlin Pass, student)

The basis for many modern dance techniques is a fundamental knowledge of the classical dance vocabulary such as plié, tendu, jeté, rond de jambe, développé, battement jeté and the five basic positions of the arms and legs. In our warm-up, we will work on these basic skills and extend them to the modern dance language. We will work on different movement qualities, learn to center our body, work on shifting weight off-center and learn how to fall in dealing with tension and release. We train strength and flexibility, and develop dance techniques from contemporary movement vocabulary, such as swings, jumps, floor elements and turns.
In addition to dance technique, which includes spatial orientation, we also dance various step combinations from pop culture to loosen up. In the second part of the lesson, we apply what we have learned in a choreography and try out our dancing expression. The spectrum of our dances ranges from lyrical Adagio, Pop, Hip-Hop and Showdance to instrumental contemporary pieces in which interdisciplinary excursions are integrated.

Inspired by the choreographies and dance vocabulary covered in the dance technique part, you can apply what you have learned to the second part of the lesson, combine it anew and invent your own movements. Under guidance you will learn various principles of composition such as canon, motif work, how to deal with space, formations and dynamics and thus develop your own dances. For this purpose I will encourage you again and again to use rhythm, language and materials choreographically in combination with music, and to develop content from this. In the choreographic work you will learn to realize your ideas in smaller groups as well as solo and team dances. You may experiment with material, props and text; I will gladly support you on your excursions into the interdisciplinary space.

Depending on the technique knowledge of the group participants, we may spend more time on technique or more on improvisation and choreography.

Interested? Write us an email at post(at) and we will arrange the first trial class.