Contemporary Modern Styles and Techniques

with Kelvin O. Hardy

Wednesdays, 20:00–21:30
Intermediate / Advanced

The concept for my course – how, with a small investment of time, to train to a high standard in a variety of styles and techniques – has been continually improved over the years through broad-ranging experience and experimental teaching work. What was originally a modern jazz class, developed into an efficient and effective ‘cross training’ for dancers, which draws on a variety of different styles and techniques such as Limon, Horton, Graham, Dunham, Mattox, Hip Hop, rhythm exercises, etc. The primary goal of my class is the development of a high level of versatility which, these days, is becoming more and more required of dancers. The course allows young dancers to become more adaptable and enables experienced dancers, as well as enthusiastic amateurs, to broaden their repertoire.