Jaw & Body Release

with Angela Lamprianidou

From Thursday, 06.04.2023 Jaw and Body Release is a weekly class!
Thursdays, 18:15–19:30
Open Level


In this unique class you will experience the interplay of jaw, body, space and voice in a performative way.

After a warm-up that brings the jaw joint into connection with the body, we slowly begin to develop a sense of what we really want to invite into our own lives or like to transform. A workout that gives you access to your center in a different way.

The jaw is one of the parts of our skeleton with the greatest influence – the smallest movements have a complex effect on the whole body.
Simply explained, as soon as we start grinding our teeth or clenching our jaws, our skull and shoulders, hips, knees and feet respond to that pressure. Once the skeleton is affected, the organs also react and a chain reaction begins between them and our emotions. Aware of this relationship, I have developed a training in which we can learn to let go of these tensions and become aware of what we think, feel and how our jaw affects our posture and movements. This training is suitable for anyone who wants to incorporate this awareness into their life and also their professional bodywork. A release class in every sense of the word!
This class is designed for all types of dancers and movers.
Through her own practice and during the development of this training, Angela Lamprianidou found that by releasing the jaw, all the other joints of her body also relaxed and the following movements in the training became easier and easier.

“I am convinced that the inclusion of the jaw in dance is still lacking, so I am very happy to be able to offer you this class!”

Angela Lamprianidou developed this training/workshop out of her life and professional experience as a dancer, choreographer, yoga teacher and dentist. Let go to feel free!

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