Improvisation & Choreography with Esther Nicklas

with Esther Nicklas

Mondays, 17:30–18:30 (age 14–18)


Inspired by the choreographies and dance vocabulary you learned in the dance technique classes, you can apply what you have learned in the second lesson, combine it anew and invent your own movements. Under guidance you will learn various principles of composition such as canon, motif work, how to deal with space, formations and dynamics and thus develop your own dances. For this purpose I will encourage you again and again to use rhythm, language and materials choreographically in combination with music, and to develop content from this. In the choreographic work you will learn to realize your ideas in smaller groups as well as solo and team dances. You may experiment with material, props and text; I will gladly support you on your excursions into the interdisciplinary space. Participants in this class are obliged to also take a dance technique class, which can be either the hour before, or another modern class at Marameo. In rare cases, exemptions from this can be made for students who already have many years of dance experience and have collected a lot of dance vocabulary in advance.