with Christina Theisen

For your child (ages 2–4) with a parent or other trusted caregiver (up to 99+)

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Contakids is a movement method for parents and child to develop deeper communication through play, fun and physical contact. Through working with movement, the child can strengthen motor skills and self-confidence, while parents build a relationship of trust with their little ones through partner exercises. Touch is essential to the development of children’s physical abilities, combined with language and cognitive skills, as well as social-emotional being. We practice and explore the nature of touch and being touched. Contakids is a journey where we send attention into our body perceptions, explore movement and encounter through play. We explore new ways of relating through embodiment and presence, playful and relaxed in togetherness. Pure pleasure for both sides!

The video that started Contakids:
with Itay Yatuv

Please bring courage to be wild and wonderful!