Contact Improvisation

with Andrew Wass
Thursdays, 19:45–21:15
Open Level


Asymmetric Autonomies – a technical approach to Improvisation
with Andrew Wass

This class looks at the relationship between the torso and the limbs, spatial/corporeal initiation, and improvisational movement scores. Solo body exercises will explore the intra-relationship of the anatomy, the medial and the distal parts of the body, and how they influence and inform each other. Drawing on Paxton’s Material for the Spine, Flying Low, and somatic-based material, we will investigate how to propel ourselves through space at different levels and speeds, while initiating movement from different parts of the bodies. Concepts such as momentum, duration, repetition, speed, and loft will also be addressed.  Improvisational scores will be used as points of departure to investigate listening and multiple forms of flow – mechanical, cognitive, and empathic. Each class will end with open dancing allowing the information to transition from focal to tacit levels of understanding, thereby allowing the students to progress from through the three stages of improvisation: listening, flow, improvising.

Transitory Scores
with Ka Rustler

Embryological we develop in continuous movement: migrating, folding and unfolding, expanding, spiralling and creating space in specific time parameters. In Contact Improvisation all those different phases of our early development are inherent and exemplary modelled.

In this class we will explore this continuum integrating elements from various movement techniques and methods such as, Release-and Alignment Techniques, Martial Arts, Yoga and Body-Mind Centering®.

Transitioning from the cellular expanding out we will examine how we inhabit new realms of consciousness offering diverse layers to our movement qualities, perception and movement action. While we dance and move we constantly receive information from our internal and external world, an environment that shapes and is shaped by our experience. Experiencing ourselves from this transitional score will expand dynamic images, sensations and states.

With ease, safely and joy we investigate new territory with a variety of structures and strategies for embodied exploration into Contact Improvisation.