Yasmin Schönmann

Contemporary Dance (age 18–22)

Tuesdays, 21:00–22:15




Yasmin Schönmann is a dancer and teaching artist from Germany, with a Diploma in contemporary dance from Iwanson International School of Contemporary Dance and a Master of Fine Arts in Dance & Technology from New York University, NYC. Her training includes contemporary dance, modern dance, hiphop, urban dance, ballet, partnering, improvisation, floor work and movement research. Since 2014, she has worked professionally as a dancer, teaching artist and freelance choreographer in New York, Munich and Sweden. Yasmin has worked for dance companies like Y+Y Dance (NYC), InTW (NYC), J CHEN Project ( NYC), and collaborated with choreographers such as Laura Scozzi, Aaron Samuel Davis, Jasmine Domfort, Valeria Gonzalez, Hagar Ophir, Juliette Rahon and Meghann Padget. Yasmin has received several scholarships, including Shubert Foundation Scholarship (2018), Danspace Residency NYC (2017), Open Studios from Tanztendenz e.V. in Munich (2014), Iwanson-Sixt Foundation Scholarship (2013) and to be a guest choreographer at Tanztendenz/Munich (2015). Further, she received scholarships to train with Pina Bausch´s Tanztheater Wuppertal and J CHEN PROJECT in NYC.

Yasmin is an artist who is interested in the human experience. The work she creates evolves around our emotional world, human connection and political and social issues. Her artistic research is based on physical but human gestures and movement, as well as a clear story line. Leaving an impact and being understood by her audience is important; that´s why she is focused on the human nature and essence in dance. Yasmin believes that dance is a universal language which anyone can understand because it roots in gestures and body language.

Class Description Contemporary (18–22 y.)

This course combines elements of contemporary dance, improvisation and partnering. The aim is to consider and promote the creativity and individuality of each person. Through free warming up in space we reflect on our body and let creativity run free through movements that wander through the body. We focus on the connections between the body and its environment, as well as the body as a whole and its individual parts. After body and mind have found each other, we seek the closeness of our fellow dancers in order to manipulate them and to be manipulated by them. This enables each individual to slip into two different roles and to move both actively and passively. Finally, each lesson ends with a combo, which makes use of already learned elements whilst also introducing new movements.