Tijana Prendovic

Contemporary for Dancers

20.+22.10.20, 14:00–15:30

Training for Dancers


Born in Serbia, she began her professional dance education at the age of 15, graduating from the ballet school Lujo Davico in Belgrade, specializing in contemporary dance. In 2009 she won a gold medal at the world known contemporary and ballet dance competition called Tanz Olymp in Berlin. Afterwards, she went to Amsterdam (NL) to attend Amsterdamse Hogeschool voor de Kunsten, where she graduated in 2012. Before she became a member of the dance company Oldenburg in August 2013, she danced with Krisztina de Chatel in the Dance Group Amsterdam and freelance choreographer Keren Levi. She switched to the Staatsstheater Mainz in the 2014/15 season where she stayed until the end of the season 2019/20. Tijana was nominated for the theater price Der Faust (category: best dancer). In 2017 Tanzmainz won Der Faust theater price for the piece Fall Seven Times (category: best choreography ). In Tanzmainz she danced in works like My private Odyssey, 4, Small Places (choreography: Guy Weizman, Roni Haver), Plafona Now (choreography: Sharon Eyal), Sehnsucht, Limited edition and Hochzeit (choreography: Koen Augustijnen and Rosalba Torres), FAM – Red Acts (choreography: Eleonore Lachky), Fall Seven Times and Impetus (choreographies: Guy Nader and Maria Campos), Nothing (choreography: Roy Asaf) and more…
Tijana created repertoire at many auditions of Tanzmainz for apprentice and full time members and is one of the oldest members of Tanzmainz dance comany. She is now a freelance performer and floorwork teacher.

Class Description

This contemporary training is based on a specific approach to floor-work technique that includes acrobatic and athletic elements. Dynamic energy, concentration and fun are key aspects of the class. Participants will train their technical skills while moving through different levels at varying speeds, increasing alertness and developing the capacity to adapt to what’s going on in space.. The training challenges spatial awareness, as well as a dancer’s ability to sense and react to others in space. Partnering skills including inviting and receiving weight, trust, and listening are incorporated in the training. The class culminates with the experience of sharing energy while dancing as a group.