Thomas Bloch

Ballet for Dancers

02.05., 04.05. + 06.05.2022, 14:00–15:30
13.06., 15.06. + 17.06.2022, 14:00–15:30

Training for Dancers


Trained at the Escola do Dança do Conservatorio Nacional in Lisbon, Portugal and Manhattan Youth Ballet in New York. As a dancer he worked in numerous ballet companies some of which with great prestige including the Croatian National Ballet, Serbian National Ballet and the Donetsk Academic State Opera and Ballet to name a few where he was a soloist. During his career he had been fortunate to be part of important events, galas and festivals around the world. During his dancing career, he was often given the opportunity to give class to the company and once retiring from dancing he focused on the aspect of teaching. With great impression of his career and teaching ability he was invited to be an associate director and teacher in China where later he became a ballet master in various companies and theaters in China. With short time, he was able to work and teach in many schools and companies around the world including Japan, Israel, Mexico, Hungary, South Africa to name a few. Nowadays , he is a guest ballet master in Europe.

Class Description

Through his career he had worked with many teachers and ballet master of all spectrum of the ballet training who formed him to be a very versatile dancer, teacher and ballet master he is today. The class focuses on fluidity, musicality, speed and strong technique. Through the class your brain will work just as much as your body.