Taryn Scott-Kolbe

Ballet for Dancers

15.05., 17.05. + 19.05.2023, 14:00–15:30

Training for Dancers


Taryn began her dance training in New Hampshire and continued her studies in New York, London and Pittsburgh completing programs such as American Academy of  Ballet,The Royal Academy of Dance, Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet and graduating from the conservatory of performing arts at Point Park University.

Taryn danced with City Ballet of Boston and worked as a freelance dancer in the States. She has performed works by David Sun, Gianni DiMarco, and Gerald Arpino in addition to performing various classical roles. Taryn currently works as a freelance dancer in Germany.

She has taught ballet throughout the USA and also in Kenya and Tanzania. She served as ballet mistress for SundanceX assisting David Sun. In addition to teaching ballet, Taryn also teaches Yoga, Pilates and holds a Masters Degree in Dance and Movement Therapy from Lesley University in Cambridge Massachusetts.

Class Description

Taryn’s classes focus on the dancer’s intention and quality of movement. Inspired by past coaches and knowledge learned from injuries, proper alignment, body awareness and stability will be integrated in the class. Through musicality and placement, the dancers can explore working with different textures of movement, find clarity and precision in order to move with power, speed and lightness.