Suelem Cristina

Contemporary for Dancers

11.+12.04.20, 13:00–14:30
16.+17.05.2020, 13:00–14:30

Training for Dancers


My aim for the classes is to focus on the body as a channel for communication, storage of energy and emotions. Firstly, having exercises focused on opening and relaxing the joints, so that, the body is prepared to be open and to use its best capacity. Then, the class develops into a more energetic dancing that takes the student to experience challenge and strength plus touching the bases of vogue and mixing this technique as a consequence of clarity and precision of movement through improvisation technics. Then finishing with a movement phrase, exploring all the material from the class.

Class Description

Born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 1992 Suelem Cristina started her dance education at Cenarte Dimensões and later at Deborah Colker Movement Center then got accepted to P.A.R.T.S. in Belgium where she finished her three years studies. As a professional dancer she worked with different choreographers such as Deborah Hay and Jefta Van Dinther plus besides that, Suelem was an active dance teacher teaching at DOCH University in Stockholm, Cullberg also different schools in Brazil along with giving workshops as well. She started at Cullberg in 2017 where she is currently working.