Paula Pröbrock

Dance Acrobatics for kids (7–11 years)

Mondays, 16:30–17:30




Paula Pröbrock graduated from the ArtEZ Danceacademy in Arnhem (NL) in 2018 and has since been working as a freelance dance teacher, dancer and choreographer in Germany and abroad. After completing her training, she continued her education in Berlin, New York and Amsterdam, among other places. As a dance teacher, she has already worked for the Dutch dance company SALLY Dansgezellschap Maastricht, created contemporary dance projects at Berlin dance and special schools and directed her own dance theater projects for young people. She is also a guest lecturer at the ArtEZ Danceacademy (NL), at various festivals and at the German Dance Sport for Jazz and Modern/ Contemporary Dance. She choreographed and danced for Tanztheater De Plaats (NL), performed at numerous festivals such as Festival de Oversteek (NL) or Hoogte 80 Festival (NL) and worked project-related as a guest dancer for LAVAMOVER Contemporary Dance Company under the direction of Anne Gieseke. In 2019, she joined the Berlin-based artist collective collapsetofraction as a choreographer and dancer, where her previous roles have included artistic direction for the productions “Kipppunkt” and “Die Tanzwerkstatt-tänzerische Begegnungen”. Since 2020, Paula has been part of Artist4Future and is increasingly focusing her artistic work on promoting acceptance and appreciation of people towards each other and also towards the environment and nature, and contributing to the climate justice movement. Because of this commitment, she was portrayed in the television documentary series “Wonder Women”.

Class description

The Dance acrobatics class with Paula is for all children who want more flow in their gymnastics or who would like to incorporate a cartwheel, roll or handstand into their dance. We will choreograph, improvise, and of course practice, practice, practice – which is bound to happen when learning acrobatic elements. Gymnastics, acrobatics, or dance experience is beneficial in this class, but not required – all kids are welcome!