Niv Melamed

Contemporary for Dancers

18.05. + 20.05.21, 14:00–15:30
25.05. + 27.05.21, 14:00–15:30

Training for Dancers


Born in sea side Haifa, Israel, Niv trained and taught capoeira, acrobatics, and Afro-Brazilian dance for 7 years and became a certified martial arts teacher at age 16. Following his interest in politics and performance arts, Niv started training in acting and contemporary dance in Israel, and continued with contemporary dance studies at SEAD (Salzburg). Soon after, since 2016, Niv joined the ‘Johannes Wieland Dance Company’ of Staatstheater Kassel, where he collaborated with choreographers Johannes Wieland (DE), Maxine Doyle (UK), Lenka Vagnerová (CZ), Helder Seabra (PT), and collaborated as a freelancer with Evangelos Poulinas (GR) and Ryan Mason (US) among others. Niv is fascinated by mind and dance, biomechanical movement for longevity, and currently researches the connection of the body, the self, movement and society.

Class Description

This class offers an experiment, every-time anew. Our attempt is to connect the physical body, mental states, technique, and creativity. Together we’ll explore biomechanical movement patterns, floor-flow technique, state-based movement research, and movement phrases. This blend will ask us to interconnect different aspects of our performance into a moving whole. The main aim is totality and unity of form and mind.