Natasa Frantzi

Contemporary for Dancers

Training for Dancers


Natasa studied dance in National State School of Dance (K.S.O.T) where she graduated in 2002. She started working as a professional dancer in several dance companies in Greece among others Dancers Dance Company, Wrong Movement, Hellenic Dance Company, where she danced repertoires of Wim Vandekeybus / Ultimavez, Richard Alston and Martin Lawrens, in Germany with Unterwegstheater, TanztheaterMobil, in Belgium with Compagnie Hybrid and with the UK based artist Greig Burgoyne. Along with her background as a repertoire dancer, Natasa is an experienced performer in all fields of contemporary dance working with improvisation, instant composition and contact improvisation.

She is the founder of La Verita dance company (BE) and she received the First Prize as the best new upcoming choreographer from the competition Les Lendemains qui Dansent in France (2015). Her creations have been part of prestigious festivals and competitions such as Berner Tanz Preise (CH), No Ballet (DE), Machol Shalem (IL), Rotterdam International Duet Compétition (NL) and La Grande Scène PSO (FR). Furthermore she has been supported by Choreographic Center of Heidelberg (DE), CCN Roubaix (FR), Scène Nationale Dunkerque (FR), La Barcarolle EPCC (FR), Trois C – L (LU) and others. For the last 17 years she has been teaching contemporary dance technique and improvisation in professional dance schools, studios and festivals for professional dancers, dance lovers and people with disabilities.

Class Description

This class is designed for dancers who are willing to train their bodies, to keep up with their technical abilities and enjoy the delightness of movement. Based on the personal dance vocabulary of Natasa which incorporates elements from different contemporary dance techniques, the class is challenging and keeps the intensity at a high level by using speed, physicality and virtuosity. We start off with exercises that warm up the joints and the spine, stretching and strengthening as we dive deeper into our bodies and increase the rhythm by stepping up into more complex choreographies. We alternate floor work with different level options, building a strong base and a smart flexible body able to travel and explore new paths, being playful and having fun, keeping the freshness and the energy of the present moment.