Miriam Diaz Gordo

Ballet for Dancers

Fridays, 13:45–15:15

29.06. + 30.06.2024, 11:00–12:30
01.07. – 05.07.2024, 10:00–11:30
07.07.2024, 11:00–12:30

Training for Dancers


Originally from Spain, Miriam began her professional studies in Madrid, attending schools such as Africa Guzmán, Víctor Ullate and Madrid Dance Center, where she received a scholarship to continue her training. During that time, she performed several works from both classical and contemporary repertoire, whilst also participating in pieces created under the direction of Ivan Barreto. In 2021 she decided to move to Berlin to work as a freelancer. Early on she was given the opportunity to start teaching classes, which she continues to combine with her training and her work as an active dancer. Her most recent work included a production of Swan Lake with the International Festival Ballet company, and she is currently part of several projects and new creations.

Class Description

With a focus on timing, accents and musicality, my class is based on strong ballet technique. My main objective is to increase awareness and understanding of the sensations behind and within each step during ballet class and the technique in general, so that the dancers are able to feel and experience each movement by taking sensations as reference points in accessing technique.  Even though dance, especially ballet, requires a certain mindset and discipline, this does not mean that the training and process can’t be enjoyed.