Laura Guy

Contemporary for Dancers

30.03.2023, 14:00–15:30
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Training for Dancers


Laura Guy (FRA/DNK) is a dancer and movement teacher based in Berlin. After graduating in 2014 she joined the junior company; Cie Le Marchepied by Corinne Rochet & Nicholas Petit, in Lausanne for one season. Thereafter she participated in several courses and workshops in the Gaga movement language in Israel, with the Batsheva Dance Company, by Ohad Naharin (2015/2016). Later on, Laura travel to India where she obtained her certification as a yoga teacher & relaxation healing techniques in India (2017-2018). And in 2022 she further educated herself in the Gaga Movement Language, Via The GagaRoom (Intensive studies in Gaga). During her career as a dancer and performer, Laura has worked with a variety of companies and choreographers in out of Europe (Yarra Dolev, Amit Goldenberg, Roni Rotem Dance Group, Staatsoper Berlin, Eva Duda Dance Company, Georges Maikel Pires Monteiro in Luxemburg, Tomer Zirkilevich Company & Maya Weinberg at DockArt – etc.) within various
projects. Since 2020, she works closely with the Tanztheater Erdmann-Rajski in Stuttgart asa soloist, dancer, and creative choreographic assistant, Which in addition to her various experience as a dancer, has given her great experience and further knowledge in the aspect of teaching and educational purposes. (She is conducting: professional and nonprofessional classes via morning company classes and the device workshops and courses provided by the Tanztheater). Laura also teaches improvisation and movement classes in diverse institutions and schools in and out of Europe. Laura’s classes are guided improvisation classes followed by choreography/ phrase work. Within the guided improvisation class and the choreographic phrase work, Laura draws inspiration from diverse choreographic styles and dance techniques such as highly physical improvisation classes, Gaga movement language, Movement therapy, and Yoga practices.

Class description

This class is a guided improvisation class followed by choreography/ phrase work. The class begins with a focus on strengthening the body and mind through an improvisation-based warmup, with an emphasis on giving joy and sensation through movements and the language of dance. Moving and movement in the present. Focusing on not only creation-based improvisation but also on connecting to yourself and your body.
After connecting and igniting our instincts and artistry, we tap into layered tasks that happen in many dispositions. Visiting your skills, lines, and groove. The final portion of the class includes a choreographed phrase. The choreography serves as an anchor for the dancers to apply all the different tasks, textures, skills, and multitasking that we practiced in the first half of the class. You will discover a gradual awakening of your pure movement instincts through the language of dance. The aim of this class is to give joy to your body, dig deeper into your creativity, challenging yourself, and enjoying to dance.