Juan Tirado

Contemporary for Dancers

28.02.2023, 14:00 – 15:30

Training for Dancers


Juan was born in 1986 in Jaén, Spain. He is a dancer who is also a great computer engineer, who started his artistic life at the age of 8 with drawing and practicing martial arts. In 2004, he discovered a group of boys dancing on the street, and since that moment, his life has never be the same. Four years ago, he started a year of intensive education in Spain, and he started to travel around Europe attending workshops and the regular classes of many worldwide dancers. He took part in international breakdance competitions like IBE, Battle of the year, Floor Wars and Raw Circles, etc. He has cofounded with three other dancers the company “Frantics” based in Berlin. They create pieces by exploring experimental hip-hop, contemporary dance and bboying. Since 2014, he is also part of the Johannes Wieland Company in Kassel.

Class Description

Juan’s class is a very physical, dynamic and emotional experience. The class starts with a warm-up based on different improvisation techniques for the body and the brain. It is followed by phrases and allows time for students to express themselves with his/her own material. His philosophy is to create different atmospheres with the students, which he calls “small stories”, so they can reach a high point of energetic trance, being driven into a point of no return. Being originally a breakdancer, he also introduces his own concept of floor movements, giving to the student opportunities to feel the organic nature of contemporary floorwork with the sharpness of the energetic breakdance facet. His principles are musicality, rhythm and energy instead of thinking, doubts or steps. Technique and self expression in relation to stage presence.