Felipe Fizkal

Contemporary for Dancers

24.+25.10.20, 13:00–14:30
08.+10.12.20, 14:00–15:30

Training for Dancers


I am a Chilean choreographer and director of Contemporary Dance. I have worked independently raising several productions in a self-managed way with different interdisciplinary teams since 2011 until today. I have a degree in Arts and Dance from the University of Chile. In the pedagogy I have given different seminars and workshops throughout the Chilean territory. Based in Berlin, Germany since 2018, I am part of the “Dance Collective in Revolution” and I continue my professional training permanently. I am connected with an ongoing process of immigration, where I recognize dance as a space of resistance to contemporary reality.

Class description

“The Practice” is a mix of Laban-Bartenieff tools and improvisation, release, acrobatics and martial principles. Where we play with different activities like guided improvisations, functional training for dancers and choreographic material going through the floor, medium and high levels getting the understanding of different body part as supports and coordinations of our phisicality.
We start with a warm up that allows us to recognize the different patterns of the movement: push, yield, reach, bring, in a space of improvisation trying out the different levels low, medium and high space, work of conscience for the supports, then also combining exercises of the martial arts like kicks, combos, acrobatics, balance on hands and some movements of the capoeira practice. We develop a continuous and functional training, where muscular intelligence, coordination, memory and fine motor skills are challenged.
Finally we worked on choreographic material with aspects of release technique, martial movements and features of the work on “isolating actions” “understanding directions from the hands”. Closing with a strong continuous repetition of these materials to dance and find aspects about interpretation and intention.