Fabian Thomé

Contemporary for Dancers

11.07. – 15.07.2022, 12:00–13:30
16.07. + 17.07.2022, 13:00–14:30

Training for Dancers


He made his first dancing steps at age 7. In 1999, driven by his passion, he continued his training at the Real Conservatorio Professional de Danza in Madrid, graduating in 2004.  He continued his career as part of the best companies in the country and worked with the foremost masters of Spanish and flamenco dance such as Joaquín Cortés (2004-2005) in Amor y Odio, Rafael Amargo (2005-2009) as soloist and lead dancer, among many others… Recognition of his work came in 2009, with the 2nd Prize for Solo Choreography and 1st Prize for Photo Scene for “Así me siento” at the XVIII edition of the Spanish and Flamenco Dance Choreography Contest held in Madrid. In 2011, driven by the motivation to assert his own style, Fabián decided to form his own company: Full Time Dance Company.
In 2012, he has been noticed by Franco Dragonne, who invites him on his new production in Macao: TABOO as dancer and choreographer. Fabian is back in Europe in 2013 and decides to enrich and develop his skills, mainly in contemporary, working with several choreographers as Jean Philippe Dury, Sharon Fridman or Carlos Fernandez Fuentes. Thanks to these experiences, he realized his will to go into this way in depth. In 2014, he presents his new production “Entre Sombras” (Best Interpretation Price, Burgos-New York International Choreography Contest 2014), which offers us a contemporary style with flamenco’s flashes, reflecting his new language and all his past career.  In February 2015, Fabian participates in the production of Arantxa Sagardo and Alfredo Bravo: Sbil.la in Switzerland. From June 2015 until now he is working with the company Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui (Eatsman Production)as dancer and teacher; Since then, he has been involved in several projects and workshops with Eastman Production, Barcelona Conservatory, Madrid , France, Foix, Germany, Holland, Italy, Switzerland, Canada, England, America, Belgium… In addition, Fabian continues his creation process: UMBRA (2016 – Full Time Company), In Volution (Danza 180 – 2018) and finally YöY (2018 – Full Time Company) Nowadays, he’s still giving workshops in Europe and America.

Class Description

In the first part we will start heating the body with the breathing and the physicality of the body in movement, working the movement from a scale of 0 to 10, to continue investigating and using different ways of using the floor. We will continue the work on the qualities of the movement, to know the limits of the body and to be able to express actions reaching different states. In a second part, we will work mainly on the improvisation with materials and guidelines that I have given previously, in order to be able to develop even more the quality of the movement, navigating through different states, both corporal and mental. During the whole process of the class we will work with the movement, the improvisation, the listening of one and of the others and the different sounds and rhythms of the body that can be found to be able to dialogue between us, creating a space for sensations.