Elke Kalupar

Contemporary for Dancers

Wednesdays in February + March 13, 14:00–15:30

Training for Dancers


Elke Kalupar is a performer and dancer based in Berlin. After graduating in sports science, she completed her dance training at the VARIUM espai de moviment school in Barcelona. She then continued performing and teaching in Germany, Spain, Italy and Poland. Elke worked with multiple international choreographers such as Nadine Gerspacher, Nicolas Ricchini, Vero Cendoya and Tamara Gvozdenovic. Elke also performed her own pieces, including “HIGHER STRUCTURE DEMON” in collaboration with musician Fabian Kalker. With her initiative AKZEPTANZ movement, Elke pursues her very own artistic practice that uses movement as a tool for connection and reflection. With a strong focus on improvisation and partnering, her work explores the depths of human interaction. In the performative space, she creates a microcosm that serves as a mirror and makes external circumstances tangible.

Class Description

Organic Interface Class
The class encompasses movement as a language to interact, a way to relate and compose simultaneously – questioning the concept of performance, in search of an unmasked reality of the moment. We are using a somatic baseline to create a safe environment for exploration. An exploration that is seeking to zoom in and out of the collective to experience meaningfulness rather than forcing the creation of meaning. We will move into different tools from partnering and instant composition to use the vessel of the body for exchange. Removing the ego for a while to let go of notions of success and achievement. Without leaving or censoring any part of the human psyche we want to invite all emotions and reactions to become conscious of our societal filters.