Dariusz Nowak

Contemporary for Dancers

22.06. + 23.06.2024, 13:00–14:30
05.07.2024, 12:00–13:30
06.07. + 07.07.2024, 13:00–14:30

Training for Dancers


Dariusz Nowak holds a master’s degree in contemporary dance and theatre arts. Together with Dor Mamalia, he is a co-founder of their dance collective Human Fields. Additionally, he is a Pilates® teacher certified by the BASI Pilates International. As a dance teacher, he has collaborated with, among others, B12 in Berlin, Royal Danish Ballet Summer School in Copenhagen, Susanne Dellal Centre Summer School and Maslool Bikurey Haitim in Tel Aviv, NOD in Turin, DAF in Rome and Vertigo International Dance Program. He also teaches guest and/or regular classes at ZHdK in Zurich, Anton Bruckner Privatuniversität in Linz, and the Dance Division of the Academy of Music in Katowice. He has performed with his works in over 15 countries in places such as Susanne Dellal Centre, Sadler’s Wells, Korzo, Nuremberg Theatre, and others. Despite focusing on creating his own works with Dor Mamalia, since 2018, he has collaborated as dancer with artists such as Saar Magal, Luca Signoretti, Jin Young Won, Niv Marinberg, Vladimir Varnava, Jacek Luminski, Vanessa Cook, Maciej Kuzminski and others.

Class description

Anchor Technique
The class offers a detailed insight into the principles of the Human Fields movement language – Anchor Technique. It is divided into different blocks that gradually develop awareness of body, movement and space. The material taught in class is inspired by various techniques and styles, and is enriched by my own explorations as a dancer. From the beginning we focus on bringing the body into movement and finding continuity and agility in it. By incorporating floorwork into the class, we want to develop the ability to actively connect with the floor and use it to set the body in motion. Moving into vertical positions, we will gradually build up technically demanding and dynamic movement material characterized by such features as asymmetrical impulses, oppositional forces, rotations, suspensions, falls, and rotations. This is done with in-depth movement analysis. In all of this, we will explore the ability to find and use internal and external anchors to become a more effective and detailed movers.