Britta Pudelko

Contemporary for Dancers

18.02.+20.02.20, 14:00–15:30
22.02.+23.02.20, 13:00–14:30
16.03.–20.03.20, 12:00–13:30

Training for Dancers


The focus of my work has been on movement, expression, body awareness and healing. As a dancer my path has taken me from ballet via modern dance to contemporary and improvisation.
Among others, I have collaborated with Robert Poole, Bernard Baumgarten, Michael Clark and Akram Khan, and have been a member of the Achim Freyer Ensemble since 2001.
As a guest teacher I worked for Sasha Waltz & Guests, HZT – Berlin, Dance Intensive Program at Tanzfabrik Berlin, BolzanoDanza and Forum Danca, Lisbon.
I am also a qualified alternative health practitioner with an emphasis on the integration of body, mind and soul.

Class Description

understanding the moving body – contemporary dance based on the principles of Klein Technique

The main focus of this technique class lies on the anatomically correct work with our instrument, the body. Not only to look at movement from the outside as a copy of a form or an athletic altercation with the body. But also to find a deeper understanding for the own body and it’s very individual way of moving. The goals are a free and dynamic way of moving, to become clear where the movement initiates from and to find a way to move with more efficiency. In the beginning of the class we take our time to arrive in our body, to discover our skeleton, to open up our joints and to find the connections within our body and the space. We concentrate on our skeletal structure to get to and start working from the deep supporting muscles of our body. Based on this work we create movement sequences, which start very simple and allow us to apply the information from before. Through a more complex choreography during the last part of the class we have the chance to use the technical work to express our individual and theatrical talents. Fast dynamic changes of directions and levels, dropping in and out of the floor, clear lines of force / energy in the body and in connection to the room. We also turn our attention to a conscious application of the use of the hands and a dynamic alliance between the head /focus and the extremities.