Balázs Posgay

Contemporary for Dancers

28.03.2023, 14:00–15:30
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Training for Dancers


Balázs Posgay (born in 1989) discovered his passion for movement when he began to train Martial Arts at the age of 12. During this period he received several national and international awards in different categories while competing under the International Chan-Wu Federation. His interest for dance started when he turned 19 and began following this path which led him to SEAD ( Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance ), where he completed a four years of educational program and graduated in 2014.
During his studies he was awarded several times with scholarships from the Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance, as well as by the Leonardo Mobility Program between 2012 and 2013.
After graduating in 2014 he started working in the Theater Aachen as a dancer and shortly after he got offered the position of Rehersal Director.
In 2016 autumn he participated in EXIN, a 30 days of intensive workshop with David Zambrano studying the methods of Flying Low & Passing Through. From that period on, he began to teach his own workshops in Europe, while gradually defining his methods of sharing information.
In 2020 he received his certificate in Transformational and Existential Coaching as graduate from Animas Centre for Coaching. Since than Life Coaching took a major role in his life and he established his own practice and founded MOTION IN BEING.
Currently based in Berlin, he continues to develop himself as a freelance artist, teacher and life coach.
The major influences on his artistic view and movement vocabulary come from the following people; David Zambrano, Martin Kilvady, Peter Jasko, Matej Kejzar, Elizabeth Farr, Jozef Frucek and many others…

Class Description

The main focus of the class is to open up the full body awareness of the dancers. We are going to work through set materials for example phrases from Flying Low as well as simultaneously composed movements, each serving as a gateway to access new perspectives. My primary interest is not only to deliver a certain form of movement but to open up the participant’s perspective to the different ways one can perceive motion in space, recognize and embody different dynamics while shaping their own energy through the different movement pathways. I would like to share more than just movement but rather give each individual access to certain universal principals which could enrich their own artistic work and movement practice. …and of course, there will be dancing just for the “thrill of it” too.

My approach is greatly influenced by studying intensively with David Zambrano and Martin Kilvady, certain principals from MMA ( Mixed Martial Arts), personal bodyweight training.