Alexander Carrillo


11.12.21, 15:00–20:00


Open Level


Alexander Carrillo, Colombian-born and Berlin-based choreographer, dancer and maker. Carrillo focuses his artistic research on the ‘ugly’ and grotesque in humans, seeing it as a mirror of reality. He questions ideas of ‘beauty’ and the role of the audience in the performing arts. In this perspective, he is investigating the influence of indigenous traditions and customs in western societies, from the essence of pure rituals until contemporary fashion and pop cultures. His work is developed through historical research with a contemporary point of view, looking into the personal, social and political through an interdisciplinary approach.

Alexander having studied his diplom in Dance at the University Folkwang in Germany, did an Erasmus at ‘ArtEZ’, in Holland and at the University of Art ASAB in Colombia, (MA – emphasis in contemporary dance). Carrillo creates also open platforms for artists. Launched the “DREIZIG Festival” in Berlin and DASEIN Series, site specific world-project. His last pieces ‘El Ultimo Vuelo’, winner of the National competition of choreographers, Belgium 2017, ‘Human Intermittents: A Journey’ finalist of Choreographers competition, Poland 2014 and ‘WhARTever Should Happen: Eine Welt Auf dem Kopf’, Berlin succes 2016/17 and back in 2019, amount others dance pieces and art projects. Carrillo took part in 2018 of the price ‘flausen residence for young Artist’ Germany and at the Berlin Biennale with Okwui Okpokwasili. Has worked with Stella Zannou, Ivo Dimchev, Jérôme Bel, Louis Malvacias, Jeremy Nelson, Malou Airaudo, Rodolpho Leoni, Mark Sieczkerek, Henrieta Horn, Charles Vodoz and the Cie. Fors Works of Denmark, Cie. Toula Limnaios of Berlin, Theater Der Klänge Germany, and Deutsche Oper am Rhein. He has also collaborated with artists, including Marina Abramović, Art Collective Estereotips, Allora & Calzadilla, Reinhard Schiele, Veronica Moniello, Alejandro Huari and his dramaturg Carolina Ortega.

Class Description

‘CUERPO PRESENTE: The Inner Beast’, Contemporary dance training. Aims to support its participants in processing their inner organic sensations. Working consciously to perceive the vital moment, energy, and to integrate the body and mind in time and space continuously. Focusing in floor work & motion. Class includes a guided warm up with clear mobility tasks that consider energy management. We consider basic biomechanical principles each day, such as: mechanical and physical function in structure, external body ergonomics in space, gravity resistance, and vectors moving three dimensionally. Supported with elements of improvisation and partnering. We will seek to activate, strengthen, and raise awareness of the body in space from our bone structures and joints. With very physical joyful. Each session ends with spatial variation that has been built from the accumulation of the material explored. Making more complex level our dynamism, energy and memory.

Since 2009, Alxander being developing his teacher training and research under the Motto “CUERPO PRESENTE: THE INNER BEAST”. Creating as natural interest exchanges of dialogue with young artists, and non artists who is develop their own life in a present Culture and intercultural projects. Throught all the body movement, sounds and expression for all levels and communities. From physical subjects in movement to emotional states in mind, body and soul.
Alexander has tauht CUERPO PRESENTE: The Inner Beast, in Belgium, Spain, Colombia, Venezuela, Mexico and Germany. In Berlin is Artist residence at DOCK11 and teacher of Tanzfabrik, Marameo.

Foto by Anastasia Coyto